Challenge26:5 days of Ideas – Reflection: Time to Pause

After 171 days of the challenge, I feel bored. Yes, you hear me. There are days when I found hard to extract “interesting things” on a boring day. There are days when I was too emotional to share… Read More


Keyword for this week: Life 0407 Saturday Movie I watched the Ready Player One with my boyfriend. Wow, Steven Spielberg is so fantastic to show a VR illustration, greed for power, and importance of reality. Every game player will… Read More

#WeeklyInspireChallenge Week 23

Keyword of this week: Thinking 0331 Saturday Bottleneck We are facing a Youtube bottleneck right now. Serena feels the youtube editing is really harder now and we need more time to prepare, while I feel we need to… Read More

#InspireChallengeWeek 21

Keyword for this week: Turmoil 0317 Saturday Game Night Well, I watched the movie Game Night tonight. The alleged thriller, rated R movie is actually great. I laughed, I awed, and I appalled. Every element is included: love, laughter,… Read More


Keyword of this week: travel 0310 Saturday Travel I drove 3 hours to Houston with Serena! A nice friend invited us to his home and we had an authentic Chinese food~ Later, we walked along the lake and… Read More

#WeeklyInspireChallenge 17 Continue

Keyword for this week: Excitement 0217 Saturday Retreat Awake almost full night and tried, I still arrived at Student Service Building and attended the Peer Educator retreat. For five and half hours, we checked in with each other,… Read More

Week 16 Resume The Challenge

Keyword for this week: Change


Keyword for this week: Pause. 1114 Sunday Talk with Selena What do you want from the relationship? What kind of boyfriend do you need? I asked those questions to my friend Selena, an ENTJ never thought about that…. Read More

No.100 InspireChallenge: Here’s My Reflection

It’s my 100th day of weekly Inspire Challenge! I started the Inspire Challenge simply to record my life. To practice gratitude, to express my emotions, and to find a sacred space. Before this challenge, I don’t have any memory of… Read More


0107 Sunday Marketing These days I’ve had dinner outside with my parents’ friends and met peers studying abroad. Interestingly, they are either business or engineering related majors and doing technical work. Tonight a marketing graduate from the UK… Read More