Five Takeaways I learned for 80 Days of Challenge about Setting a Goal and Sticking in it

It is hard to start a goal and keep it through. Hope my five takeaways could boost some courage.


#WeeklyInspireChallenge Getting Better

1022 Sunday Design I don’t like drawing, creating portraits, sketch at all, but I do like arrange, play with layouts, different fonts, sizes, colors… Today after excessive amount of sleep, I immersed myself into Adobe Illustrator and created… Read More

No Matter How I Feel, You Still Need to See This Ted Talk

No matter how sad I was today, I still want to share this Ted Talk – Nature. Beauty. Gratitude, because there are always people worth believing and having a wonderful night. Louie Schwartzberg’s stunning time-lapse photography, accompanied by powerful words… Read More

So far most important things I learned from taking Abnormal Psychology

This semester, I took an online Abnormal Psychology course taught by Dr. Bradburry. At the beginning of this year when I registered for this semester’s courses, I was so obsessed by my instant “dream:” to be a mental… Read More

Failure of challenge, but winning of a new beginning

About a month ago, I started a really simple cooking beginning challenge. However, after two posts, actually I did three times, I discontinued to put those photos and share the recipes.

A game of human trust

Through a little research game, I found humans are hardworking, intelligent, unpredictable, cunning.. complex but unique with kindness in heart.