AET Project: 8 Steps to Create A Basic Wardobe

Have you ever have following experiences:

  • After accepting a college or job offer and starting a new life in a new city, you want to buy some clothes but feel completely lost how to start
  • At a regular Sunday, you decide to do a cleaning and simplify your messed clothes your room wardrobe but feel overwhelmed by the chaos
  • You finally got the dinner invitation from your crushed one and was ready to dress up, but feel nothing to wear to impress him
  • …..

Don’t worry. Follow the eight basic steps of creating a basic wardrobe, save your precious money and energy, and keep simple but pretty all the time!


1: Get a few Basic Solid-Colored T-shirts

Simple t-shirts are perfect for casual activities, such as going to the beach, park, or gym, etc. If the t-shirt is stylish enough, like a V-neck or flowy tee, you can wear it as part of an outfit. You should have at least one t-shirt for every day of the week

2: Ensure You Get Some Plaid and Plain Shirt

Buy some shirts long sleeved button down for activities in between business and formal… like going to college, church, dinner, the library, etc. Generally, find a shirt with one pocket on the side and multiple darker and lighter layered patterns.

Get a few plain shirts if you got a desk job. Recommended colors are light blue and white.

3: Always Keep Some Jackets Around

Wear fitting and comfortable jackets that keeps you warm, it doesn’t really matter if its leather, or wool, or some mix. Generally try to keep it darker than your shirt and pants. Exception if it’s a white jacket.

4: Shop For Cardigans and Blazers

Blazers add a classy look to any outfit, and they can also be used for business purposes as well. Cardigans can go over a variety of tops, but they also create an outfit when you put them over a simple tank top.

5: One Little Black Dress at Least

Even if it’s not your style, a little black dress will come in handy when you need to dress up or go on a date. At least one dress is important. but if you like the style, there are many different colors and designs to choose.

6: Don’t forget Jeans

Dark blue, or grey straight cut jeans. The most pattern you should have is a fade at the thighs. Wear it to semi-formal occasions like dinner, library, hanging out, just about anywhere except formal occasions, work, and the beach. Match with a t-shirt to dress it down, a flannel to dress it up, and a blazer over a t shirt to dress it up.

7: Buy some Skirts

Skirts can be worn any time depending on what kind of style you prefer. Shorter skirts are available in the summertime, while maxi-skirts can be worn in the winter. If you get 2-3 skirts, you can mix and match during the week.

8: Think about Shoes, Too

Get at least one pair of dress shoes, black. If you have other colored blazers and dress pants, you can get a pair of light brown shoes.

Try to get two pairs of casual shoes, such as boat shoes, sneakers, moccasins, or loafers. One pair to go with black clothes, and one pair to go with other color clothes.




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