My Inspire Challenge Project

On October 10th, 2017, I started a Daily Inspire Challenge, and now decide to officially write a post about it.


How this challenge works

Every day I write at least thing inspires me and put them together in one weekly post. However, if something I feel really impactful and resonating, I will post a single post about it.

What does Inspire Challenge mean

When I first wanted to start the challenge, the name is Daily Gratefulness Challenge – recording everything makes me grateful for that day.

However, I realize what motivates me is not about gratefulness but inspiration and motivation. Inspire includes a lot and more than gratefulness. I  record my thoughts, anything makes me happy, tearful, connected, inspired, motivated, anything makes me feel like a human being.

Those life details, though tiny, irrelevant, or even boring to most of you, are the precious memories and exactly Inspire me.

Why I wait until 21 days later to write about it

I’m the type of person loves starting but hates finishing

For my 20 years, I’ve learned keyboard for three years, drum for one and a half year, sewing for a month, social dance at 18 before coming to U.S…..I’ve traveled to Japan with an ambition learning Japanese, brainstormed with my friends for a month starting a MBTI podcast… However, none of them work well. Of course, these are valuable experiences but didn’t help me to become persistent.

To train my perseverance,  last year when I started cooking challenge one dish a day, photo challenges one simple photo on my Instagram, one quotes from famous people on Twitter; I even try to keep writing 50 words or run 10 minutes, so-called Mini-Challenge… 

You know what happened. The minute you declare to the world, you lose the passion. 

Therefore this time, I waited.

It takes 21 days to form a new habit

This article from Forbes talks about how habits help successful people consistently perform and achieve success.

It involves three periods: Honeymoon (the easy feeling that you are making progress and stay motivated ), Fight (the struggle feeling as the chore becomes routine and reality comes in, you feel less and less interested and old habits show up), and Second Nature (the discouraging feeling and questioning why you are trying, but also begin to think about positive time outcomes in the long run).

Also, the more you want something, the less likely you would keep trying. I usually failed between the Fight and Second Nature because I am so obsessed with the idea winning and getting what I want as quickly as possible, without any hardiness.)

Nevertheless, this time I do this challenge, not for success or frame. It’s simply for the literal meaning, challenge. Easy goal minimizes difficulties, maximizes motivation.

Key Posts

No.15: Why people get eating disorder

No.80: Five takeaways to start a challenge

No.100: Three things I learn from this challenge

No.101: 25 Days of Nonwriting, I have to resume

Last Words

Every day I wake up, I am looking for something:

To inspire me never forget to be grateful and happy

To inspire me always to learn and explore

To inspire me to live fully in the most time of the day, every day.

And to inspire you together, start pay attention to your life and get inspired

If you’d like to do a little Inspire Challenge, let’s get inspired together! Always welcome to @me or link me.

From a little inspirational creature