#Thanksgiving in New York Day4


The last full day in New York, we first traveled to the Liberty Island.

img_2517What drives people to America, to see the Statue of Liberty? “For someone, it’s about fame…. for someone, is privilege….” listening to the Audio guide about the history how French architects built it to mock Napoleon III, how Puerizer advocated people to donate money, I stood and looked up her facing the old toward new arriving immigrants and embracing them with freedom and justice…

Maybe it’s just a symbol, a symbol of hope, but that’s exactly what people look for.


Fearless Seagull


Crew Member
Watching Forward








Ellis Island












Book Vendor

Then Jasmine and I split up. She wanted to revisit Metropolitan Museum of Art and explore more European paintings, while I stopped at Union Square Station, hoping to discover something unexpected.


I first know Union Square from Gossip Girl, in which Serena showed up at Union Square Station and disturb the upper Manhattan “peace.” However, without a train ticket, I went directed toward Union Square Park and luckily discovered a street Holiday Market with 精美的 art-crafts and delicious local snacks shops. The crowded people, various shops, and lively atmosphere remind me of my hometown Suzhou and also how much I miss prosperous and bustling city life.

Little Shop1
Little Shop2











The last stop in New York, I went to The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). Most people come for Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night; I come for that one too definitely, but also for Dada, surrealism, cubism, conceptual, modern art, etc.

Something beyond painting and traditions, something more than flat two-dimensional but also three-dimensional including time and space.


El Paso, exploring space



Stephen Shore’s Serial photographies “striving to free himself from certain photographic conventions: the concept of photography as the art of creating isolated and ‘significant’ images, perfect framing and the expressive subjectivity of the photographer.”

In this art, the tree, building, and street are not contained in the frame on the wall, and we know there’s more beyond the frame extending outward.






Shore took this picture through the window, blending his and CITGO reflections within the art; I took the picture through the frame, adding my and museum’s reflections into his art and creating a new one.




Interactive Workshop

And I love New York. It is true that some part of it is bustling and intoxicated with luxury.

Everyone is surrounded by endless people everywhere, every day; it is easy to feel a sense of loss and loneliness.

However, some part of it gives you the best time to explore possibilities, find your self, and devote to your dream with passion and energy. 

I love the idea that in modern society, there is no universal definition of art; I love the idea that in New York City, there is no universal definition of living.

Everyone is an artist, writing touching stories, decorating the house, cook delicious food, entertain guests, designing engineering projects for life convenience…

Everyone is creating own life of art and beauty. 



#Thanksgiving in New York Day3





Jasmine, a journalism major inspired by its Pulitzer School of Journalism, dragged me to visit her dream Columbia University.

So we came. I always heard its heritage far away from China. Its overall undergraduate ranking, its education college, its theatre department, and its uptown location in New York, all drew me into this place.


Under the sculpture


The moment I stepped into its campus, the moment surrounded by high white columns, European-styled buildings, I felt a strong connection and voice: I want to study here in future. (Two tourists thought I was studying here lol)




Surprise book set



After a short stay, we visited a bookstore near campus. I bought a book called Bad Girls Throughout History, “featuring bold watercolor portraits and illuminating essays by Ann Shen.”




M4 Bus


What is the best way to experience the local life? Take the city bus!

We took the local bus along Broadway Street…

Just like our Metro bus in Austin except more compacted






The sun finally came out today on Black Friday, adding some energy to the city and nurturing beautiful flowers at the street corners~





Never say you visited New York until you have eaten a New York cream cheese bagel. We made a mistake, ending up stuffing all the extra, salmon, two eggs, mushrooms into one single blueberry bagel. Yum Yum!

Einstein Bagel’s inferior by comparison

Bagel Guy











Central Park. The soul of New York.

A perfect separation. The east side belongs to tourists: 5th Ave, museums, hotels; the west side belongs to citizens: broadways, colleges, restaurant stores.




However, a perfect connection. No matter you are tourists or locals, at Central Park, you do the same activities – play with family, take a walk, sit on the bench and listen to street artists…or do nothing and just stare at

The time freezes and a sense of New Yorker generates…


Watching with tourists


The Sunset at the Top of Rock at Rockefeller Building was one of my top favorite city view spots. We reserved the 4:10-4:25 period the day before yesterday just for sunset. The sun like a boy, shy so he hides behind the clouds, but naught so he”creates a mess” when leaving and colored the clouds into golden and pink…

Empire State Building










A deer Vase?


Final Stop: Metropolitan Museum of Art!

When waiting in line to purchase the museum ticket, the last minute I was telling Jasmine how lucrative and sustainable an art career in U.S because endless tourists spend money visiting art museums, the next minute that I was told that the admission fee is simply suggested one. If you don’t want to pay the suggested admission fee (for students is $12), you could pay nothing.


European Painting

I love this voluntary idea because once tourists decide to pay voluntarily, they will treat art and the museum visit more seriously.

Huge building, endless walking, endless people. We only finished two areas – 1200-1800 European and Modern arts. Monet, Van Gogh, Seurat, Vermeer, Benard, Dega, Rodin…

(There were a lot of street vendors selling postcards and posters outside. I bought 4 pieces of small New Yorker Magazine cover posters)

Probably will come again tomorrow~

People waiting
Admission Sticker Board

#Thanksgiving in New York Day2


Power Ranger

There is only thing that you cannot miss in New York during Thanksgiving: Macy’s Thanksgiving parade

Got up a little bit late, we arrived at the 6th Avenue near Times Square and tried to enjoy the parade, but large crowds of people/tourists blocked most of views

Ballons, celebrities, decorated floats, drum crops…..


The funniest is a guy wearing this Turkey hat shouting out, extremely loudly and excitedly, the cartoon character’s name every time the character’s balloon comes, bringing some laughs and warmth to our freezing people in this 37F morning.

SpongeBob SquarePants
Jimmy Fallon


And of course, the best also the worst place for tourists to visit in New York: Times Square.

Before I came, I watched numerous Youtube videos about why you should go or not go to Times Square – a touristy place only designed for tourists. However, it is the tourists that make this place, make New York so special that further attracts more people come.


However, don’t shop and eat here even during Thanksgiving sale! Food is so expensive. Go few blocks to find some cheaper ones. Also, I wasted extra more $27 shopping at the Disney store here than doing it online even at Black Friday:(

M&M store
Disney Store
Trump Tower opened this Fall

The next stop is 5th Avenue, aka the tourists/luxury/longest/feet-dead shopping street.

Walking endlessly…

Shop closed
Street Artis


St. Patrick’s Cathedral is large. “A decorated Neo-Gothic-style Roman Catholic cathedral church in the United States and a prominent landmark of New York City.”

We didn’t stay here for a long time.


NBC TV Studio is one of my most-want-see spots in NYC, mostly because of SNL.


Expected that there will not be many restaurants open at Thanksgiving night, we went to Chinatown, hoping some not following American traditions will offer us some hot egg drop soup. Luckily, there were few open!

#Thanksgiving in New York Day1


Leaving from Austin to Newark, I found an article talking about how amazing Austin is.

Article about Austin

The fusion of the “Live Music Capital of the World” and Silicon Gulch seems to have super charged Austin, helping turn a center-of-the-country government town into a cutting-edge, digitally-savvy metropolis.

It talks about Austin’s live music scenes, technology start-ups, UT strong academics, health innovations.. the dynamic energy that boost Austin.


Newark Liberty International Airport



Finally Arrived! Took one picture when taking the AirTrain to the station.

The weather is about 50F. Windy but clear:)




Aramark to Penn Station

The Penn Station is the busiest train station I have ever seen in U.S. So many fast food restaurants cramped together – Subway, Pizzahut, Donkun Donut, Jumba Juice, Starbuck, Fridays, and so many people squelching each other – business professionals, single travelers, commuters, families… Never stop walking….Remind me of Beijing and Shanghai, both of which have brighter and cleaner stations and recorded stops announcements. (Didn’t take pictures at all, afraid of phone being stolen like in China)


Scene outside my Hotel window

Though we lived in the Lowertown of Manhattan, the hotel is still kind of fancy….







Elevator View



After we had dinner in a cafe, we took the subway and visited the Empire State Building! (New York’s subway system is very sophisticated. All you need extra is a Google map) Splendid view but with the extremely cold weather…



The Statue of Liberty from telescope


Last thing: most diverse and busiest population in U.S. We hung out a little bit in Koreatown, and took the subway around 11:30 p.m. back – a lot of people were still wandering at the street~





Night View1
Night View2