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0310 Saturday


I drove 3 hours to Houston with Serena! A nice friend invited us to his home and we had an authentic Chinese food~ Later, we walked along the lake and the park. To be honest, it is not a great trip at all. The weather is hot, the friend is too nice to get along with, and the trip is too long. We were so exhausted at the end of the day.

0311 Sunday

1302nd Travel

We went to Kountze (Big Thicket Nature Reserve), China, and Beaumont (port near the sea) three cities in Texas, drove up to about 5 hours, and had a big Texas mean in a traditional Texan steakhouse. The friend took cares of us a lot and tried to show the best scene around Houston, and we do feel something which we could only feel in China. For such a long time, in Austin, at UT, we have been exposed to American culture and quite forgotten.. nice to remember:)

0312 Monday


In past three days, I’ve driven up to 9 hours. Today shopping at Target and picking makeup materials, I felt extremely dizzy and barely able to stand straight.

Actually, however, my tiredness comes from mentally not physically. Two days of bad sleep, long driving, and endless travel made me feel I suffer a lot. Used to express emotions poorly, now I have to suppress them. All I want is from my friend a word You suffer. Sorry. I feel terrible for you. She doesn’t know what I feel and I don’t know how to express them. After I told my mom, she shared non-violent communication. I cried. Thank you for the experience and I realize I take care of my mental wellbeing terribly.

However, we’ve finally arrived at San Marcos and so ready for shopping tomorrow! No matter what type, a girl will always get attracted by the idea of shopping – browsing one store by another, comparing prices, trying on and looking self in the mirror, and carrying bags! Lolol

0313 Tuesday


Could you believe that two of us spent half of a day and shopped the entire two outlets in San Marcos?! (She is an autumn skin type while I am a spring one; we bought completely different clothes.) One good thing about it is that I finally disclosure myself to her and showed her my vulnerability. I am not that tough and strong as she thought. During the Houston, I actually felt I suffered a lot while she didn’t know. Glad we finally resolved, understood each other, and tried to take care of each other in a different way.

0314 Wednesday


We watched the People Republic of China, an SXSW independent series documentary directed by Hao Wu. It is a story about Chinese young people seek fame, fortune, and connection, but find the same perils and promises online as off. At the last, I cried as I could feel two main characters representing family, fan, and agency’s dream and struggling in the virtual world.

One thing very touching is that Serena, on the way home, kept saying how depressing the movie is. Well, I thought she did not understand the essence and kept explaining, but she suddenly cried out and told me the great responsibility she feels watching those people stupidly chasing the unrealistic dream. She felt a great obligation to be successful, make money, and invest education so people could better. However, she felt so powerless. At that moment, my empathy made me feel her deep sadness and started to cry again. Well, people respond to things differently. Under her cold, rational brain, I could feel the warm, kind heart. I connected with her at that moment.

0315 Thursday


I interviewed with two companies today – one technology start-up and one non-profit. Somehow, however, I feel a deep distortion. Both jobs look for an advertising/promotion/design professional to create marketing materials for them. I have a lot of experience and skills which definitely could help them.

However, that’s just the strategical part of me. I definitely enjoy creating and helping businesses grow. Somehow, my intuitive part, however, looks for nourishment. I look forward to opportunities to write, to connect, to empathize, to helping people grow. Somehow I don’t know why I rush to chasing countless opportunities and feel so overwhelmed. Even though this spring break I had a great rest, I am not ready to be back yet. I want to do something just for myself…

0316 Friday


Feeling lost and stretched, I remained awake all night. “I feel my emotional part was neglected. I have to exaggerate my 30% professional, strategical part up to 90% and squash my 70% to 10%” I told to Shanon, “I felt so tired. so tired.”

At 2 p.m, I opened my MacBook and randomly searched keywords “how to find yourself.” A blog post “6 Questions to Help You Find Your True Self” popped up. The writer, same as I am, is a marketing professional, gave the following questions:

  1. What do I love absolutely?
  2. What do I consider my greatest accomplishments in life?
  3. What would be my purpose if I knew no one would judge me?
  4. If there were no limits to what I could have or could want in my life, what would that be?
  5. If I had all the money in the world, what would I do?
  6. Who do I admire most?

Not just inspired by answering those questions, I am also inspired by Lisa’s title “re-branding agent.” She has the same passion as I do to promote right images, to tell stories, to help others. I used to think two parts of me, logical and emotional are completely separate. However, either account management consultant my professional dream or life coach my personal dream, I simply want to communicate changes and connect people. They are the same.

After the night, I feel so relieved. I am so awake.


#InspireChallenge Week 19


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1220303 Saturday


It’s my uncle and my mom’s lunar year birthday. Coincidently, I was reading the letter she wrote me before I came to the U.S and argued with my dad whether it is worthy to spend so much money and send me to study abroad. My mom wrote these words to me:

I am always firm: it is worthy. We are doing this for our future; it is an education investment. Though we won’t gain much from it, your future is definitely better than not going.

Dear mom, thank you so much for the trust and support. You are the most beautiful and wise person in the world. These years of studying abroad, when I am down, you with dad, are always “at my side” and the first to offer help. With the love and care, I have the courage to overcome obstacles and grow.

Now I am so proud to tell you: It is worthy. The study abroad thing is the most brilliant and beautiful decision is you made. I achieved high grades, I made American friends, I have stable relationships, I even become an actress using non-native language… I grow up, take responsibility, and start building my future. If without you, none of these would happen. Thank you thank you thank you, mom.

I will always be in love with you. Happy birthday, mom.

1230304 Sunday


A shooting day! After the rain, Serena and I went to Raising Canes and had fried chicken for lunch. Later, I went home and had ice cream for dinner lol. This semester I’m having the least amount of homework and most amount of fun and gratitude. Nice!

1240305 Monday


Five days Spring Break countdown! My theatre group met and discussed things to need to work on during the break. Finally finished all script and arrange everything entertainingly and interactively! All of us for various of reasons sadly only gonna stay in this program for a year, but we leave the beautiful legacy to the future fellows!

1250306 Tuesday

Different perspective

It’s a group project day! My friend Minjian designed appealing keynote slides and compiled the video. Every class he got lost in coding and data, so I almost forgot how artistic he is. Everyone has its strengths and weaknesses; we need to spend more attention and more patience on discovery.

1260307 Wednesday


I am sitting on the Student Service Building underground floor, listening to theatre majors, U.S Americans, with age range about 15 yrs, laughing and arguing the correct famous idioms (It should be Life was a box of chocolate, The show Sex and the City). Though I cannot fully engage in the conversation, I still feel safe and belonged. Maybe it just about growing up. Maybe it’s about confidence and trust I feel in this community.

0308 Thursday


It’s our Peer educator Photo Day. I brought snacks and wore pretty makeup (Alissa liked it very much!) there. Everyone is so happy that we laughed and took funny photos. I feel so belonged in this group even though I am a foreigner. The passion for mental health brought us together. And Michelle united us together. Also, it’s Anu’s birthday~


Today UT Littlefield Foundation turned to purple! Some communist party did the graffiti and used wrong dye color (They will be punished lol) It was so pretty, especially in this spring season when flowers blossom.


0309 Friday


In the afternoon, I met Amissa and asked how to start writing the community engagement essay. I told her how grateful I am when she told me I am an artist, invited me joining I Like, Like you, and let me see a different world. I am just like a bridge, connecting two sides of the world, and I am happy to be the connecting point and bring an inclusive world. That’s the thing my destiny and identity which I embrace after exposed to U.S culture. I asked her what is leadership. She thinks we focus on too much masculine power and value toughness, but feminism leaders aim to support and provide a world that everyone feels safe and loved. It is about giving, sharing not asking, commanding. Well, she shines my way.

#InspireChallenge Week 18~


Keyword for this week: Down

0224 Saturday

115Black Panther

Wow, the movie is amazing! Full Black casts with a great plot to show responsibilities of not just a family, but also a country and a world. Funny story is that I thought the bad guy cast Micheal Jordan is the basketball player with own shoe brand. When I asked my friends where is the basketball Micheal Jordan, they all laughed so hard! Marvel did a great job! To include such a diversity and show the world African culture!

0225 Sunday


I did a Stress Management Workshop as a mental health peer educator. With past facilitation experience, I summarized my points, engaged with the audience, and generated insights. It went so well that I cannot wait for Tuesday’s Bouncing Back Workshop with Jenn. However, there is such overwhelming feeling of disappointed after the successful workshop. For my past experiences, there were no international students to learn the importance of mental health. As a Chinese, I learned how to make community guidelines, how to conduct workshops, how to encourage participation, how to speak, how to take care of yourself… I feel a strong responsibility to bring my learning back to my community and help them live a better life. I just feel so sad about my limited power…

0226 Monday


Another interview. I find myself screwed again. Interestingly, I cannot do well in the phone interview.  Without face to face communication, I will easily get distracted and caught in my own thoughts. When the recruiter firstly asked me how much do I know about the company which I barely remembered to apply, I feel my confidence level went straightly down to the bottom. Later when she asked me questions my expected pay, full-time or part-time, work authorization, I know she won’t consider me in future at all.

However, I do feel less anxious than before. She asked me a question what is the biggest takeaway in college, I feel it is the only time I feel 100% confident in my answer. I tell her I start to ask for help instead of trying to accomplish on my own. Working with different people, asking for advice is a way to see your limits and improve your strengths. A team makes a better job. Nevertheless, what I didn’t tell her is that the reason behind the seeking action: accept myself. I have limits.I’m an international student. That is ok. I could excel in Chinese interview way better than anyone else.

There are certain things that I cannot accomplish. And I need to acknowledge that. Letting others help me is to make comprise with self. Accepting is the first step to be independent, the first step for me to jump out of my comfort zone and look upon the outside world.

0227 Tuesday

118A Lot

Wow, a lot of things need to be grateful!

  1. First time feeling nailed an interview. When doing company research and the recruiter, I find that she defines herself “director of people and culture,” enjoys the taste of a bot of everything, and starts journaling at the age of 8. Immediately, I know this is a person we would get along with in future. Indeed! Four my four interviews, she is the only one who said this is just a casual conversation and tried to relieve my nervousness. After the talk, I feel that she really likes me, but of course, it is because I like myself first. It is very important to use empathy. she successfully made me believe in the company.
  2. I finally nailed the kind of why marketing question! After I shared a lot of my involvement in mental health promotion, she was very curious about why I am a marketing major (I should do psychology). Yes, that is because I love people so much. Marketing for two reasons. First skill based, it is a mix of everything and mostly project based. Everytime working on the project, I could quickly learn a client company, an industry from the beginning. The challenge of gather resources excited me. I could develop not only creative side but also technology side. Secondly, people! Working with a team, helping clients to discover problems, interacting with customers… I am an interpreter. My parents always argue because of not understanding needs and wants. I interpret their messages to facilitate healthy relationships. Marketing is a natural job for an interpreter to do. Clients don’t understand their problems, understand data, understand customers, we interpret and present in their languages.
  3. I did a bouncing back workshop with Jenn, Anu, and Alexis. It went well although we only have three listeners today. I find I could generate summary and gather insights better. When working in Theatre for Dialogue, I was sad because I could not facilitate communication as great as my members. However, working with my peers with past experience, I actually did a superb job. Well, I also need to learn a growth mindset and intrinsic motivation.
  4. Finally, I met my ILLY friends and continued to work on scripts. Cannot wait to the performance! BTW, there are more than you think to do an interactive show. Not just performing and communicating, we also try to make it run smoothly, entertainingly, and informatively. I have to say I learned a lot.

0228 Wednesday


Update, we are heading to Houston for spring break!

My friend asked my opinions how to communicate with her boyfriend, and I told her: you need to think from his perspective and satisfy his deeper needs and wants.

If you open a relationship workshop, I will definitely sign up!

Well, it’s not a relationship workshop… it’s more about understanding humanity and back to the basic needs and wants. We want senses of security and belonging. All our actions are learned since young to make sure those things won’t be taken away.

0301 Thursday


Got my MIS coding exam1 grade today: below average! I thought I did ok… Heading to professor’s office and checked my paper: turns out that I missed 4 of 5 multiple choices and got 11 points deducted. Well, for the next class, there won’t be multiple choices testing your programming history knowledge anymore. However, still need to study harder cuz the materials getting more and more difficult.

0302 Friday


Our team met the Leta, the PLUS specialist. She was so so so nice and shared a lot of information for us(even wrote down all the answers she gonna say). It seems that the program aims to help students learn materials instead of making sure the program run well. She knows the peer coordinators well but not the facilitators. There is no clear instruction and that’s not her focus.

However, as a business student, we are more interested in managing people better and motivate them to teach. I’m still happy to see such a nice person who truly cares about student’s growth.


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0217 Saturday


Awake almost full night and tried, I still arrived at Student Service Building and attended the Peer Educator retreat. For five and half hours, we checked in with each other, discussed gun control issue, educated available mental health service, ate domino pizza for lunch, and met in committee group. I was so grateful to have this close group because we became closer and closer and had a true passion to promote mental health.


Since the Youtube channel is going to be a routine, Serene and I become more aware of appearances. For my friend Serena, she learned to slow down her speed. For me, I learned to smile more often.

Clothes is another important thing. Could you believe it’s my first time of this year for some new clothes? The truth is that when I think about buying clothes, feelings of shame and sadness overwhelm my mind as I have to squeeze those designed for slim girls into my fat body. However, now as I start to accept myself and appreciate my body, I feel I look prettier with those clothes. Guess the confidence is the key to beauty:)

0218 Sunday


My friend KY interviewed my theatre job for her industrial/organization psychology work project. I shared her my passion for the team, creating change and connecting with students. You could see students’ engagement level from the beginning they were focused on phones and computer to the middle they make natural responses seeing our performances, to the end they clapped hands and took pictures with us. 

Then I asked her work and she shared a little team motivation problem. I told her that people need recognition and acknowledgment. The main problem is they do not expect that high amount of commitment and do not feel the motivation to contribute. Volunteers are not paid. With no extrinsic money rewards, they have different intrinsic needs and wants.

At the night, she told me she talked to the supervisor and started a reward system. Thank you so much! if without me would probably frustrate al day. 

See? The appreciation is all I need to devote 200%. I don’t work the money. I work for approval.

0219 Monday


A busy start but I feel so prepared. I searched the “thank you” keywords in my email box and here’s so much love I received: You are so awesome; Thank you for sending; Thanks for a great and productive first meeting yesterday; Thank you all for responding… A thing I love about English and American culture is how easy to say thank you, to show appreciated. In China, we do use word thank you – 谢谢 with more weight to it and do not express gratitude that often. Maybe it’s because of our implicit culture, maybe because of distanced relationship…

Just want to say I am grateful to experience a different perspective and apply it to my life:)

0220 Tuesday


I met with Melina and continued to work on the mental health blog. It was surprising to know that I know a lot of things she didn’t know, about UT blog service, about content ideas. We achieved a perfected balance as I am creative and she is hands-on. Yes, for years I am waiting for opportunities to use my skills and make a contribution.


Five of us finally met!

I could not be happier for our group!  There is no such a group like that of us that look forward to meeting so eagerly. We gather here, became the closest(spiritually) friends, and together work on the brand-new most entertaining and informative interactive show. Every meeting we share the 100% of ourselves and get each other’s back, regardless of race, age, and country origin.

One is heading to teach own courses in a liberal arts college, one is focusing on community engagement stuff, one is preparing a campus interview for a teaching position, one is getting married…

And one (yes it is me): is having the best time with the most fulfillment. I learn to release stress, put time for relationships, practice gratitude, balance life and work, believe in myself, accept failure, develop creative skills….

And accept the self.

When I was young, there are so many times that I felt very embarrassed and anxious about questions: what are your hobbies, what do you do for fun, etc. Then I simply threw back general answers such as “making friends” or “watching movies,” simply because I don’t what else to say.

However, if you ask those questions now, I will give a large smile and tell you with confidence: my interests are creating changes, coming up ideas, and connect people deeply. 

For a long time, I felt I was weird and boring. I just cannot enjoy singing, cooking, photographing those concrete things like others. It took me such a long journey to understand myself. Now I know, my interests are abstract, innovative, and future-forward thinking. my passions are people, making them happy and satisfied.

I am the person who I am. And I accept who I am.Now with the acceptance, I move on, focus on my passions, and contribute.

0221 Wednesday

112Career Fair

A cold rainy long day. I arrived at the Moody College of Communication Career Fair a little late. Employees and companies were so diverse. Some pretend interested but either kept packing stuff to leave or remained posed with a distance; some appeared exhausted for a long day but still offered insightful career advice or tried to connect you with company culture…

I still feel energized. Recruiters are people too. They could experience a bad day or enjoy a good day. Still, appreciate the opportunities to use my intuition and find out companies I want to work for and those not.

0222 Thursday


A pitch, an exam, a meeting, an application rewrite; a latte a Mediterranean Vegan Wrap…. I went home and felt exhausted as well as disappointed. All busy things finished. Interview, social interaction, gratitude, team bonding, rehearsal finished. Feel my body is not ready for an ending…

0223 Friday


(Haha my fourth Meditarrian Vegan Wrap of the week, cannot resist the taste) A fog day. Nothing special. I had Pho for dinner and went to Hmart for some snacks (so pricey!). Shannon told me that I should start to find some hobbies for myself because I deserve it. Well, I do enjoy have meals with my friends and connect with people, but those require a lot of simulations. I need something to calm myself down. One problem about Chinese culture, about our generation, is that we get used to being taken care of and told what to do. We are good at socializing and achieving great performances but not good at being independent and starting a life just for self. For me, meeting with others could get me excitement and energy, so I hate wasting any second not doing it. However, to be a better person, I still need to find a balance. When it exceeds certain degree, it creates harm.

Week 16 Resume The Challenge

Keyword for this week: Change

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25 Miserable Days of Non-writing Force Me to Resume the Challenge

Originally after my 100 days, I felt much better about my life and decided to spend time on other stuff. However, in these 25 days of not writing, I felt something wrong.

1st Week: relieved and fresh!

2nd Week: ok but bland~

3rd Week: uhhhh somewhat feeling a loss;(

4th Week: desperate and miserable ><### 

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Keyword for this week: Pause.

1114 Sunday

Talk with Selena97

What do you want from the relationship?

What kind of boyfriend do you need?

I asked those questions to my friend Selena, an ENTJ never thought about that. Selena took my advice about her ex and acknowledged my social intelligence.

I love Selena’s strong logical abilities while she appreciates my social skills.

1115 Monday


My mom told me: “Only technical people are worthy – Did you make the incorrect conclusion?

No matter what you do, as long as you did a great job, you could get recognition.

You have to learn how to be mentally strong, so strong that you can handle criticism. What you need to learn is to be confident.”

1116 Tuesday


I know what I want to do when I retire: counselor! And I finally find my dream career: life coach specialing in communication and personal development!

How did I come to this?

This morning, Selena told me that she made a list of reasons she decides to be with her ex and thanks me for giving for suggestions. She admits that she did not understand what her needs like I do.

Well, that occurs to me: I have a strong sense of self-awareness and am superb at interpersonal communication. I should believe myself and pursue this “unstable” career because it is where my passion lies. All the other decisions: major, internship, courses, etc become less important and are supplemental to my dream.

Could not be happier.

1117 Wednesday


It’s my 100th day of weekly Inspire Challenge!

Before this challenge, I don’t have any memory of persistence in one thing.

When I was a child, I have always tried various things: keyboard, drum, calligraphy, dancing, chore… but never keep on doing them. Now in college, I changed majors three times, took multiple courses unrelated to my degree plan, and got involved in various organizations but quitted a semester later. When others work hard in their chosen majors and organizations, accumulated professional knowledge, and advance to higher positions step by step, I instead, committed to nothing.

The idiom 3-minute passion (三分钟热度 a brief period of enthusiasm Chinese saying) could not be more pertinent to describe me.

Please see 


No.100 InspireChallenge: Here’s My Reflection

It’s my 100th day of weekly Inspire Challenge!

I started the Inspire Challenge simply to record my life. To practice gratitude, to express my emotions, and to find a sacred space.

Before this challenge, I don’t have any memory of persisting in one thing.

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0107 Sunday


These days I’ve had dinner outside with my parents’ friends and met peers studying abroad. Interestingly, they are either business or engineering related majors and doing technical work. Tonight a marketing graduate from the UK who is working in the shopping mall marketing department shared a social marketing app and advised me a public relation career; an information system friend in Boston College who interned in Deloitte told me to slow down and wait for opportunities.

I love marketing. I love promoting ideas and people but not data or sales. Maybe I should go outside and ask more people.

0108 Monday


These days without assignment, without class, without pressure, I feel I don’t have input to write. Maybe I should start to narrow down topics.

The idea is from the talk with Jenny. I shared her my insights about Ladybird – how the girl finally understands mom and make peace with herself. She suggests me to open a film blog and she will be my first reader.

Maybe I should combine psychology and media together…

0109 Tuesday


My therapist told me I could become a counselor and encouraged me to enjoy my life. All other things I want to do – website, advertising, marketing, social media, writing – are just skills to elaborate my career.

However, the afternoon as I visited my middle school math teacher and told her about my dream career, she said I could not do that. I was too self-absorbed and impatient to listen to client’s problems.

“Well, it requires time and experience.”  I said.

Don’t be harsh on a twenty-year-old girl. I am still young and of course inexperience, but it does not mean I could not become a good counselor. I have empathy, intuition, and communication skills.

0110 Wednesday


Happy Birthday to me;) I’m now 21 – able to drink in U.S~

My mom cooked delicious meals and my dad bought a chocolate cake. As usual, I made a wish.

Unlike usual mom and dad safe and sound, I wish myself famous this year. During the past days visiting my friends and teachers, I released I had so much experience in college that makes me proud of. If I want to share and help others, I need to become famous and accept criticism first.

So this year, I want to take a break, reflect my past, and organize my accomplishments in this place.

You have no idea how much I have to offer.

0111 Thursday


On the way driving home, I told my mom how much things I have done in three years: social service organization, nonprofit internship, start-up internship, marketing association, monologue writing and performing, mental health workshop, interactive theatre, career organization, Chinese association… not to mention multiple academic projects.

However, she mentioned my big problem: downplay my career accomplishments and overplay my interests involvements.

I did not play the lead role in my marketing association and did not think those works are very important. Actually, I worked with professors, peers, and working professionals, brainstormed marketing campaigns, designed logos, and proposed unique strategies. Even though I was not the initiator, as a key member I also made great contributions and proved my abilities.

0112 Friday

Toy 395

I watched Toy Story 3 again and cried hard.


When Andy’s mom walked into Andy’s room and saw all the stuff was packed and the room was empty, she kept silent for several seconds, sad and sentimental. Andy has grown up, ready for college and his own life. I suddenly thought about the scene hours ago my mom and I were saying goodbye in the airport.

“How can I raise up such pretty girl,” my mom smiled at me, “my forever little sweet pillow!”

Oh, I am gonna cry again. How I wish I could remain my parents’ kid! Being loved and cared forever;)

0113 Saturday

This Is Us S02E1196

Amazing episode as USA Today says: “Kevin’s rehab triggers explosive family confrontation.”

Kevin, a young boy feel neglected by Mom who always loves Randal and Dad who always love Kate, seeks attention from outside and feels “not good enough.” When he as an adult expresses the feeling, he got tremendous anger and accusation from family members.

It’s not Kevin’s fault. Family members need to know that every person uses own perspective to look at the world. Kevin needs to adjust his misconception and others need to justify Kevin’s feeling. Three things I need to remind me:
This Is Us - Season 1

  1. We really need to openly communicate our feelings. “I am very happy that you are here.” Asians often neglect expressing feelings and view those are weaknesses. That brings a lot of people into family conflicts and mental health problems.
  2. Each person has a different perspective. Instead of critizing others, we need to justify and try to correct others’ thoughts. It is best to use empathy and understanding to solve problems.
  3. I really have special sensitivities about emotions and love drama TV and movies. Watching others from the third perspectives helps me release my emotions. I really have a talent in psychology and counseling. A lot of Chinese people do techinical works because they don’t have my abilities. It is ok to be different. I need to focus on my advantages instead of following others.



1231 Sunday


Finally. The last day of 2017. On January 1 I was with my parents in California and now on December 31, in Suzhou. A good beginning and a good ending.

At a distance, my dad is playing cards on the computer in the dining hall; next, to me, my mom is taking pictures of our new member Qiuqiu and posting on social media; in front, New Year music gala is playing in TV.

I could not be happier and more grateful. Finally could say goodbye to 2017, my splendid but also my tearful year. Finally could say hello to 2018, a new year of experiences waiting for me to discover.

0101 Monday



Mema’s masterpiece


Happy New Year!!!! A fresh new start!

I spent the day with my grandparents and listening to their childhood stories. My mema is very good at cooking and sewing.

Could it be happier to spend time with family?



0102 Tuesday


I feel I lost senses of creativity and sensitivity usually associated with my emotional turmoil.

What remains – peace and patience. Yesterday I first time intentionally visited my grandparents and sat with them for a long time. Today I first time waited for my cousins parking the car for 20 minutes and sang my least favorite Karaoke with them.

I feel nothing, and I feel everything. Nothing special about emotions but everything about life.

0103 Wednesday

Ice Skating86

In the summer of my 4th grade, every afternoon after dinner I would wear my rollerskater shoes and play with my skating buddies in the park. We wore the shoes, chasing each other on the grass, around the lake, through the crowd… but at the south, I never did ice skating.

However, today as the economy grows, my little city finally opened the first ice rink in the mall. And I went with my friend together.

It was a different experience.

0104 Thursday


Life without VPN, without Google – play with Qiuqiu~


0105 Friday


My mom’s meal

My mom is a fantastic female.

Never go to college and step outside the hometown, she is the one who encourages me to study abroad and see the larger world.

Never appreciated by her parents in the childhood, she develops confidence and wins friendship on her own.

Today my mom took me to visit another lady who opens a Forest School teaching city children to spend time in nature and develop emotional intelligence. The lady has a passion for Chinese education and wants to help Chinese children develop a happy childhood.

My mom uses her humility and friendliness to make friends with a lot of brilliant people. She uses her love and compassion to support me going further.

0106 Saturday


Staying at home these days, I keep thinking what is my future career goal.

And the Gallup Strength Finder tells me that I am a Woo:

Woo stands for winning others over. You enjoy the challenge of meeting new people and getting them to like you. Strangers are rarely intimidating to you. On the contrary, strangers can be energizing. You are drawn to them. You want to learn their names, ask them questions, and find some area of common interest so that you can strike up a conversation and build rapport. Some people shy away from starting up conversations because they worry about running out of things to say. You don’t. Not only are you rarely at a loss for words; you actually enjoy initiating with strangers because you derive satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection. Once that connection is made, you are quite happy to wrap it up and move on. There are new people to meet, new rooms to work, new crowds to mingle in. In your world there are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met yet.

The question remains: how to use overcome my analytical weakness and maximize my communicative advantages? Hope someone could help me…