About Me

I am stilling working on this site and hope to show you with the best.

Hi, 你好, Jambo,  Χαίρετε, こんにちは. Thrilled finally to meet you!

My name is Yingxin Xu (go by Clear). After spending 18 years in Suzhou, China, I started my college journey in Austin, Texas. So far I’ve spent multiple summers in Tokyo, Japan; Nairobi, Kenya; Athens, Greece…


My hobbies include analyzing personality, watching movies and TV series (quiz me if you don’t believe how many I have watched since second grade), expressing ideas through various forms (journaling,Youtube shooting, sales presentation,workshop facilitation, theatre acting, even simple class discussion), discovering something new, getting lost in own fantasy, connecting with people,  etc.

I thrive on change and variety and knows how to capitalize it. Every time I start a new task, I see it an opportunity to learn something and think about ways to accomplish it in a different way.

However, my sensitivity and introspection make me experience a full range of emotions and contemplate meaning beyond the surface. I could see and feel the beauty that no one could see and feel.

Used to suppress, now I engage with various forms of art to connect with the inner self.


Languages and words are just so powerful that the more I use, the more connection I create with people.

– From a creative futuristic/ a versatile storyteller/ an empathic connector.

Thank you for reading!