0414 Saturday

A Quiet Place

If not seeing the high IMDB score, I would not see A Quiet Place this film at all! For the whole time, I endured a nerve-wracking wait for the end. Ahhhhhhh! I hate those movies even though the acting, scene, plot, sound effect were all great and in a good timing. I just hate thrillerssssss


0415 Sunday


Wang Chao, Keyi’s ex-boyfriend said to her: “The livings for ambitious women are hard. I don’t want you to be that hard, that ambitious.” One comment below says: “I finally understand why I am always not happy. Like the character I just have too many desires and lusts.”

Oh. Well, same. People from big cities will never understand those in the small city wanting to get out of mundane routine. We want to see a bigger world and prove that we are capable of a good life. What we don’t realize is that, however, there is no universal definition of “a good life.”When Keyi asked her friend:”What do you mean ‘good life’?” she did not get answers she didn’t want to hear: “be independent, get power at work, and prove yourself.” Instead, her friend told her the dream “find a good husband, be pretty, and have two kids.

Keyi didn’t understand at the beginning that ambition never has its fill. When she understood, it was too late. I feel I am now on the same path as her, chasing some meaningless goal – to be the best as an international student, as a female, as a young professional… but what I want is actually simply connecting with people, using my own abilities, and helping them be happy…




Two things happened related to my marketing research class. In the morning, one of my team members so enthusiastically shared professor’s approval of his research plan without discussion his opinions with us. It’s not about his great initiative but his communication style… making us feel excluded from the decision-making process.

And here’s what I replied back: Your ideas must be so amazing! We could definitely make great work with high grades! I really want to hear them! But I feel a little sad not able to get involved in the discussion process...

The other teammate said to me: Great job and thank my art of communication.

Another thing is during the class, our professor showed how much our survey data could reveal… I suddenly get excited by the exploratory process of research and want to know more about what is underlying… I feel we are touching some serious stuff…



“Google is created for the efficient, automated collection, transmission, and manipulation of information. Nowadays social network emphasizes immediacy and makes information kind of commodity. It promotes the speedy, superficial skimming of information and discourages any deep, prolonged engagement.”

“What makes us human is what at least computable about us – the connection between our mind and our body, the experiences that shape our memory and our thinking, our capacity for emotion and empathy. Our ability to meld with all manner of tools is one of the qualities that most distinguishes us as a species.”

“The price we pay to assume technology’s power is alienation.The net is diminishing our capacity for contemplation.”




For these days, I’ve searching new websites to move WordPress documents and create a new portfolio place.  Wix is extremely user-friendly with the beautiful responsive layout but users have limited control, WordPress.org has unlimited design templates and themes but need extra money for a new host. I feel kind of angry getting tricked into WordPress.com…

A lesson for me is that I try so hard to find the “perfect” location for my future “greatest” artwork, but forgot what is most important is the core content – words, images, thoughts I create.

What’s the solution then? Keep doing this writing challenge here, using Wix free version, and continuing to build the core for me~




I met with Keyu talking about my Ted Talk idea. She thought I was pitching my idea and told no very coldly. Then, she offered a lot of advice how to do the marketing… I don’t know. I feel a lot overwhelmed and tell her I just want a conversation.

Different personalities. Usually, she will be contacted by her friends if her friends need help or a meal meet-up (I contacted her because of the latter). I told her, all I want is some emotional support and casual conversations. And I tell her she is more suited in a consulting role rather than marketing professionals because marketing is to communicate messages in the client’s way. She didn’t realize people have different personalities and some may feel offended by her straight-talking way.


Slept Whole Day…



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