Keyword for this week: Life

0407 Saturday


I watched the Ready Player One with my boyfriend. Wow, Steven Spielberg is so fantastic to show a VR illustration, greed for power, and importance of reality. Every game player will be amazed by these fine details and special effects.

One incident, when I purchased tickets, I put my login information wrong and therefore could not get access to my confirmation number later. When I arrived at the movie theatre and asked them to look for my information, the card of purchase is required and I left my discover card at my boyfriend’s home. My boyfriend was so furious about my forgetting to bring the card and not preparing fully that he tried so hard to suppress the outrage. Well, because of knowing his personality, I tried not to confront with him directly, let him drive back, got the card, and got into the movie theatre. Well, even though my friend was angry about my boyfriend’s behavior, I still told her: everyone has its own personality. You have to work on to adjust the best way to solve it. Because I know my boyfriend well, I know the mood is temporary, and I know showing powerless is the best way to deal with the situation. In the end, it just solved.

0408 Sunday


Highly recommend: check this 7 strange questions to help you find life purpose -As we were struggling with Youtube content, Serena and I searched Google randomly about “life meaning.” This website was a blast. We are forced to think, connect with the inner self, and find our passion again. Combined with the podcast I listened to on Friday, we are living in a society where propaganda is everywhere. We grow up with those messages so long that we get confused whether those messages come from self or outside world.

What makes my 8-year-self laugh because of pure joy? You just forgot how much fun when you solve a technical problem, lose in fantasy, clean home… The outside world prevents you to leave some space just for you…

0409 Monday


I met with Ryan, a social psychology Ph.D. student who recently graduated, to ask for summer research opportunities. He was very warm and kind to introduce me a wide range of language and personality projects. Wow, they developed a program to analyze one person’s words and language on social media to tell his or her personality; they also developed ways to measure criminals, trauma… fantastic. I asked him whether he has a project related to digital media, and yes! He has collected years of film data and always wanted to analyze language behind texts to see why people love those films.

I feel everything now, everything I did during college, or even before college connect together. I love film and film, and I love communication. Design flyers, conduct mental health workshop, do interactive theatre, watch films… whatever I do, I all engage with media, people, and communication…

0410 Tuesday


At 4 p.m in Jester, I did an interactive Using Planner Learning presentation for next year’s Sanger Learning Center Communication and Outreach Specialist position. The presentation and interview processes were great, but that’s not what I want to say here. My point is that I felt so anxious and overthought the bad outcome before doing it (blame to my vivid imagination) and preparing it. My perfectionism came out and drove me away from sleep that night. The true reason behind my thoughts is that I care about social judgments and feel diffident.

0411 Wednesday

162Social Community

I finally got approved by Uni-Jiandan, a psychology study Wechat group. In that group, we are going to learn psychology and share thoughts together! It’s always happy to find likely-mined people to grow.


When I left home, I saw two birds staying on the roof and staring at me. I went closer— they are building a nest!! That explains why every day from 3 to 10 that I can always hear birds beeping. Ohh so cute! Their babies will come to birth near my window:)

0411 Thursday


After asking how many people read the required materials before class and seeing only a few of hands, our marketing professor first time lost temper. “I am going to say the same things as I did to my daughter. A lot of people tell you, you are the generation of future. When I was at your age sitting at your place, I was told the same. Opportunities are here and you are the ones who don’t treasure the opportunities…. You have to figure out how to live a meaningful life, not just getting a job, a career…I care about your learning, not just turning out some assignments as I told you…”

Well, he was right.

0412 Friday


Three keys to happiness: forgiveness, gratitude, and keeping busy.



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