#WeeklyInspireChallenge Week 23

Keyword of this week: Thinking


0331 Saturday


We are facing a Youtube bottleneck right now. Serena feels the youtube editing is really harder now and we need more time to prepare, while I feel we need to create more creative and funny content to attract more viewers. Either of us is feeling a great time doing haha. Let’s see…

0401 Sunday


Cried for a long time. Alec and I did a stress management workshop for CSSA. However, surprisingly, most of them were playing with their phones, writing homework, and not listening to our speaking. At first, I felt stressed, later turning it angry. Alec comforts me, that as long as there’s one person listening to us and getting affected, we are doing a great job.

0402 Monday


Always thinking about how to make people heard about my unique ability – discover people’s unique strengths and connect them deeply. Always thinking whether to study communication, psychology, or education… Always… always…

0403 Tuesday

153Organizational Culture

Today, our professor discussed the topic of organizational culture. Culture shapes behaviors and actions. However, interestingly, companies with a strong culture do not perform financially better than those with a weak culture because the strong culture makes them hard to change. We discussed the highly competitive culture of Microsoft, the creative and inclusive one of IDEO, and most importantly, the result-driven and leadership-focused one of Mccombs.

In McCombs, we are required to take BA 101- professional career planning at the first or second semester, follow the standard resume template, dress always professionally for interviews, and network in career development events. Some students said we are trained to practice public speaking; some said the college pushes us toward consulting and investment banking; some said McCombs studied other top 10 schools and rebranded itself toward Texas number one. It is amazing that in this session, a lot of students expressed dissatisfaction experience at McCombs. As the professor says, the older, the harder to change a company culture. We are in fact, “newly-onboard” employees at McCombs, and those career guidelines and classes are used to strength McCombs’ culture and unity large diverse people. Well, but sad for people who do not fit in…

0404 Wednesday

1547 Social Media Trends to Follow

Today I listened to the ProBlogger podcast hosted by Darren Rowse. And he shared 7 social media trends.

  • Facebook is changing its algorithm toward organic because too many pop-up pages decrease the frequency people use it.
  • Be human and be real. Engagement is the key. People are constantly competing against each other and we need space to listen. It is very important to be more humanized.
  • Livevideo. You need not only a regular show to engage with people regularly but also random life to add some backstories. Youtube live stays longer than Facebook live.
  • Episode Video. Video marketing, Snapchat, and Instagram are getting more and more popular.
  • Stories Style Content. Storytelling is still the king
  • Bots and Messenger Marketing. The automatic message could be tailored to different people.
  • Blogging is back again. People want to blog and control their content

0405 Thursday


I attended the BDP Digital Art& Media application review session today. Firstly, the advisor explained what interdisciplinary study means: to take various subjects outside of your major, gain wide perspectives, about innovation and collaboration, and complementary skills to your career. Our applicants come from a wide range of majors: biochemistry, marketing, advertising, electrical engineering…

0406 Friday


Today I met with professor Dr. Pennebaker, our well-known social psychologist at the University of Texas at Austin. He just came back from Shanghai and became interested in how the Chinese language exhibits and hides the desire for power. I feel very excited when he shared the observation in Shanghai that people at the same age but with different culture and background still behavior in the same way (I completely agreed with him and joked if I was born in America, I would definitely join sonority. He laughed haha). One lucky thing is that he is starting to work with another NYU Shanghai Student to explore chinse language and I might be able to help him! So happy about this!


On the way home, I was listening to Kristy’s Food Psyche podcast. She invited Kalia, a marketing professional talking about U.S online marketing environment. Marketing is brutal. It usually uses words such as “NEW” “FREE” “YOU” “Imagine” “prestige” to trigger people’s fear about missing out opportunities and increase anxiety. We are living in a society where the trigger is everywhere. What you post online is actually building your own brand, and sometimes the brand becomes a burden. When someone who used to be a vegan and decided not be one anymore, she even got death threat; when someone claimed to be a health coach but is actually in rehab, she still cannot stop because people online rely on her… I feel this message resonates me deeply because I always consciously building a brand about how inspiring I am but sometimes people just forget I am also a human and have a bad mood…


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