#InspireChallenge Week22

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0324 Saturday


My boyfriend decides to go to London for graduate school. Well, a long distance year but I just feel so happy for him. With a more computer science focused study, he could have more opportunities to find jobs which suits his creative and outgoing characteristics.

0325 Sunday


Today I discovered two amazing UK master program with a combination of media and education! The London’s Global University has a Digital Media, Culture and Education program which explores the theory and practice of media in society with an education focus. The program is also partnered with British Film Institute! I love films so so so much! And the University of Cambridge has an Education master with focuses in either Arts, Creativity and Education focus or Psychology and Education! As an artist who loves education and a marketer who loves communication, I could not be happier to find more programs and explore more opportunities (Used to thought only Columbia University has the Communication and Education master I truly love…)

0326 Monday


Wow. I had a rough sleep and woke up around 6. Having class 11:00-12:30, tabling for CMHC and chatting with a few nice fellows 1-2, getting an interview 2:30-3:00, having class 3:30-5, meeting with teams 5-6, having a quick dinner 6:00-7:00, and getting back home 7:00.

This week is hellllll busy. However, I don’t feel much stressed about endless projects/exam/events needed to be done.

0327 Tuesday


We talked with a small start-up company who is in need of Chinese-English translators to help them communicate messages.  It’s almost nice to know great responsibilities and recognition in this role.

After that, I went to FAC to replace my ID card. When the ID center guy called my name Yingxin without any accent, I was surprised and stared at his white face for a while. It turns out he is learning Chinese and has a Chinese name Mai Yuyou. I helped him to change the name which is easier to pronounce and aligned with his English last name Madison – Mai Yusen.

0328 Wednesday

Mental Health

It’s a storm day! Busy past school life and bad weather made me sleep over the class… luckily, I have my friend Max informed of class materials:)

When holding the Coffee Chat and talking with fellow peer educators, Kaya shared something really resonated with us. She shared how the retreat, weekly discussions, and activities connect us. When doing check-in, you could let out things which you never told anyone; you are safe and free to be yourself. Once when putting hands the shoulder of one peer who you think says something touching or insightful, we just immediately get connected. This is a magic place. It’s not a place where you could find some closest friends who you could share every personal detail, but a place where you could always trust when you share the darkest secret and they will be there and support.

A rising senior girl shared regret not knowing this program last year and connecting us earlier. I told her, which inspired everyone:

“As long as you are interested in mental health, we are always connected. Aren’t we?”

0329 Thursday


Kind of sad. I went to university writing center to check grammar my scholarship essay. However, my consultant gave me a lot of feedbacks and advised for a complete revision. Well, that kind of hurts me, but I did not feel as devastated as I were at old times.

After three years of college, my resilence become better. I no longer criticise myself for any imperfect work and any negative judgment. Maybe because I gain more confidence; maybe because I pay more attention to self.

0330 Friday


Submitted my Scholarship Essay! Hope it could get good results.

We went to see the Pacific Rim 2. I first thought it’s another monster film defame China, but turns out China plays a big role in it haha. JinTian’s getting more and more famous toward Western film industry, and it’s really good sign to have more Asian faces.

However, the film overall could only get a normal average view. There are too much extra scenes trying to show bonding of new drivers, old drivers… making the battle part ending too fast. Anyways, the special effects still win the ticket price back.





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