#InspireChallenge Week 19


Keyword of the week: Meeting

1220303 Saturday


It’s my uncle and my mom’s lunar year birthday. Coincidently, I was reading the letter she wrote me before I came to the U.S and argued with my dad whether it is worthy to spend so much money and send me to study abroad. My mom wrote these words to me:

I am always firm: it is worthy. We are doing this for our future; it is an education investment. Though we won’t gain much from it, your future is definitely better than not going.

Dear mom, thank you so much for the trust and support. You are the most beautiful and wise person in the world. These years of studying abroad, when I am down, you with dad, are always “at my side” and the first to offer help. With the love and care, I have the courage to overcome obstacles and grow.

Now I am so proud to tell you: It is worthy. The study abroad thing is the most brilliant and beautiful decision is you made. I achieved high grades, I made American friends, I have stable relationships, I even become an actress using non-native language… I grow up, take responsibility, and start building my future. If without you, none of these would happen. Thank you thank you thank you, mom.

I will always be in love with you. Happy birthday, mom.

1230304 Sunday


A shooting day! After the rain, Serena and I went to Raising Canes and had fried chicken for lunch. Later, I went home and had ice cream for dinner lol. This semester I’m having the least amount of homework and most amount of fun and gratitude. Nice!

1240305 Monday


Five days Spring Break countdown! My theatre group met and discussed things to need to work on during the break. Finally finished all script and arrange everything entertainingly and interactively! All of us for various of reasons sadly only gonna stay in this program for a year, but we leave the beautiful legacy to the future fellows!

1250306 Tuesday

Different perspective

It’s a group project day! My friend Minjian designed appealing keynote slides and compiled the video. Every class he got lost in coding and data, so I almost forgot how artistic he is. Everyone has its strengths and weaknesses; we need to spend more attention and more patience on discovery.

1260307 Wednesday


I am sitting on the Student Service Building underground floor, listening to theatre majors, U.S Americans, with age range about 15 yrs, laughing and arguing the correct famous idioms (It should be Life was a box of chocolate, The show Sex and the City). Though I cannot fully engage in the conversation, I still feel safe and belonged. Maybe it just about growing up. Maybe it’s about confidence and trust I feel in this community.

0308 Thursday


It’s our Peer educator Photo Day. I brought snacks and wore pretty makeup (Alissa liked it very much!) there. Everyone is so happy that we laughed and took funny photos. I feel so belonged in this group even though I am a foreigner. The passion for mental health brought us together. And Michelle united us together. Also, it’s Anu’s birthday~


Today UT Littlefield Foundation turned to purple! Some communist party did the graffiti and used wrong dye color (They will be punished lol) It was so pretty, especially in this spring season when flowers blossom.


0309 Friday


In the afternoon, I met Amissa and asked how to start writing the community engagement essay. I told her how grateful I am when she told me I am an artist, invited me joining I Like, Like you, and let me see a different world. I am just like a bridge, connecting two sides of the world, and I am happy to be the connecting point and bring an inclusive world. That’s the thing my destiny and identity which I embrace after exposed to U.S culture. I asked her what is leadership. She thinks we focus on too much masculine power and value toughness, but feminism leaders aim to support and provide a world that everyone feels safe and loved. It is about giving, sharing not asking, commanding. Well, she shines my way.


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