#InspireChallenge Week 18~


Keyword for this week: Down

0224 Saturday

115Black Panther

Wow, the movie is amazing! Full Black casts with a great plot to show responsibilities of not just a family, but also a country and a world. Funny story is that I thought the bad guy cast Micheal Jordan is the basketball player with own shoe brand. When I asked my friends where is the basketball Micheal Jordan, they all laughed so hard! Marvel did a great job! To include such a diversity and show the world African culture!

0225 Sunday


I did a Stress Management Workshop as a mental health peer educator. With past facilitation experience, I summarized my points, engaged with the audience, and generated insights. It went so well that I cannot wait for Tuesday’s Bouncing Back Workshop with Jenn. However, there is such overwhelming feeling of disappointed after the successful workshop. For my past experiences, there were no international students to learn the importance of mental health. As a Chinese, I learned how to make community guidelines, how to conduct workshops, how to encourage participation, how to speak, how to take care of yourself… I feel a strong responsibility to bring my learning back to my community and help them live a better life. I just feel so sad about my limited power…

0226 Monday


Another interview. I find myself screwed again. Interestingly, I cannot do well in the phone interview.  Without face to face communication, I will easily get distracted and caught in my own thoughts. When the recruiter firstly asked me how much do I know about the company which I barely remembered to apply, I feel my confidence level went straightly down to the bottom. Later when she asked me questions my expected pay, full-time or part-time, work authorization, I know she won’t consider me in future at all.

However, I do feel less anxious than before. She asked me a question what is the biggest takeaway in college, I feel it is the only time I feel 100% confident in my answer. I tell her I start to ask for help instead of trying to accomplish on my own. Working with different people, asking for advice is a way to see your limits and improve your strengths. A team makes a better job. Nevertheless, what I didn’t tell her is that the reason behind the seeking action: accept myself. I have limits.I’m an international student. That is ok. I could excel in Chinese interview way better than anyone else.

There are certain things that I cannot accomplish. And I need to acknowledge that. Letting others help me is to make comprise with self. Accepting is the first step to be independent, the first step for me to jump out of my comfort zone and look upon the outside world.

0227 Tuesday

118A Lot

Wow, a lot of things need to be grateful!

  1. First time feeling nailed an interview. When doing company research and the recruiter, I find that she defines herself “director of people and culture,” enjoys the taste of a bot of everything, and starts journaling at the age of 8. Immediately, I know this is a person we would get along with in future. Indeed! Four my four interviews, she is the only one who said this is just a casual conversation and tried to relieve my nervousness. After the talk, I feel that she really likes me, but of course, it is because I like myself first. It is very important to use empathy. she successfully made me believe in the company.
  2. I finally nailed the kind of why marketing question! After I shared a lot of my involvement in mental health promotion, she was very curious about why I am a marketing major (I should do psychology). Yes, that is because I love people so much. Marketing for two reasons. First skill based, it is a mix of everything and mostly project based. Everytime working on the project, I could quickly learn a client company, an industry from the beginning. The challenge of gather resources excited me. I could develop not only creative side but also technology side. Secondly, people! Working with a team, helping clients to discover problems, interacting with customers… I am an interpreter. My parents always argue because of not understanding needs and wants. I interpret their messages to facilitate healthy relationships. Marketing is a natural job for an interpreter to do. Clients don’t understand their problems, understand data, understand customers, we interpret and present in their languages.
  3. I did a bouncing back workshop with Jenn, Anu, and Alexis. It went well although we only have three listeners today. I find I could generate summary and gather insights better. When working in Theatre for Dialogue, I was sad because I could not facilitate communication as great as my members. However, working with my peers with past experience, I actually did a superb job. Well, I also need to learn a growth mindset and intrinsic motivation.
  4. Finally, I met my ILLY friends and continued to work on scripts. Cannot wait to the performance! BTW, there are more than you think to do an interactive show. Not just performing and communicating, we also try to make it run smoothly, entertainingly, and informatively. I have to say I learned a lot.

0228 Wednesday


Update, we are heading to Houston for spring break!

My friend asked my opinions how to communicate with her boyfriend, and I told her: you need to think from his perspective and satisfy his deeper needs and wants.

If you open a relationship workshop, I will definitely sign up!

Well, it’s not a relationship workshop… it’s more about understanding humanity and back to the basic needs and wants. We want senses of security and belonging. All our actions are learned since young to make sure those things won’t be taken away.

0301 Thursday


Got my MIS coding exam1 grade today: below average! I thought I did ok… Heading to professor’s office and checked my paper: turns out that I missed 4 of 5 multiple choices and got 11 points deducted. Well, for the next class, there won’t be multiple choices testing your programming history knowledge anymore. However, still need to study harder cuz the materials getting more and more difficult.

0302 Friday


Our team met the Leta, the PLUS specialist. She was so so so nice and shared a lot of information for us(even wrote down all the answers she gonna say). It seems that the program aims to help students learn materials instead of making sure the program run well. She knows the peer coordinators well but not the facilitators. There is no clear instruction and that’s not her focus.

However, as a business student, we are more interested in managing people better and motivate them to teach. I’m still happy to see such a nice person who truly cares about student’s growth.



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