Keyword for this week: Excitement

0217 Saturday


Awake almost full night and tried, I still arrived at Student Service Building and attended the Peer Educator retreat. For five and half hours, we checked in with each other, discussed gun control issue, educated available mental health service, ate domino pizza for lunch, and met in committee group. I was so grateful to have this close group because we became closer and closer and had a true passion to promote mental health.


Since the Youtube channel is going to be a routine, Serene and I become more aware of appearances. For my friend Serena, she learned to slow down her speed. For me, I learned to smile more often.

Clothes is another important thing. Could you believe it’s my first time of this year for some new clothes? The truth is that when I think about buying clothes, feelings of shame and sadness overwhelm my mind as I have to squeeze those designed for slim girls into my fat body. However, now as I start to accept myself and appreciate my body, I feel I look prettier with those clothes. Guess the confidence is the key to beauty:)

0218 Sunday


My friend KY interviewed my theatre job for her industrial/organization psychology work project. I shared her my passion for the team, creating change and connecting with students. You could see students’ engagement level from the beginning they were focused on phones and computer to the middle they make natural responses seeing our performances, to the end they clapped hands and took pictures with us. 

Then I asked her work and she shared a little team motivation problem. I told her that people need recognition and acknowledgment. The main problem is they do not expect that high amount of commitment and do not feel the motivation to contribute. Volunteers are not paid. With no extrinsic money rewards, they have different intrinsic needs and wants.

At the night, she told me she talked to the supervisor and started a reward system. Thank you so much! if without me would probably frustrate al day. 

See? The appreciation is all I need to devote 200%. I don’t work the money. I work for approval.

0219 Monday


A busy start but I feel so prepared. I searched the “thank you” keywords in my email box and here’s so much love I received: You are so awesome; Thank you for sending; Thanks for a great and productive first meeting yesterday; Thank you all for responding… A thing I love about English and American culture is how easy to say thank you, to show appreciated. In China, we do use word thank you – 谢谢 with more weight to it and do not express gratitude that often. Maybe it’s because of our implicit culture, maybe because of distanced relationship…

Just want to say I am grateful to experience a different perspective and apply it to my life:)

0220 Tuesday


I met with Melina and continued to work on the mental health blog. It was surprising to know that I know a lot of things she didn’t know, about UT blog service, about content ideas. We achieved a perfected balance as I am creative and she is hands-on. Yes, for years I am waiting for opportunities to use my skills and make a contribution.


Five of us finally met!

I could not be happier for our group!  There is no such a group like that of us that look forward to meeting so eagerly. We gather here, became the closest(spiritually) friends, and together work on the brand-new most entertaining and informative interactive show. Every meeting we share the 100% of ourselves and get each other’s back, regardless of race, age, and country origin.

One is heading to teach own courses in a liberal arts college, one is focusing on community engagement stuff, one is preparing a campus interview for a teaching position, one is getting married…

And one (yes it is me): is having the best time with the most fulfillment. I learn to release stress, put time for relationships, practice gratitude, balance life and work, believe in myself, accept failure, develop creative skills….

And accept the self.

When I was young, there are so many times that I felt very embarrassed and anxious about questions: what are your hobbies, what do you do for fun, etc. Then I simply threw back general answers such as “making friends” or “watching movies,” simply because I don’t what else to say.

However, if you ask those questions now, I will give a large smile and tell you with confidence: my interests are creating changes, coming up ideas, and connect people deeply. 

For a long time, I felt I was weird and boring. I just cannot enjoy singing, cooking, photographing those concrete things like others. It took me such a long journey to understand myself. Now I know, my interests are abstract, innovative, and future-forward thinking. my passions are people, making them happy and satisfied.

I am the person who I am. And I accept who I am.Now with the acceptance, I move on, focus on my passions, and contribute.

0221 Wednesday

112Career Fair

A cold rainy long day. I arrived at the Moody College of Communication Career Fair a little late. Employees and companies were so diverse. Some pretend interested but either kept packing stuff to leave or remained posed with a distance; some appeared exhausted for a long day but still offered insightful career advice or tried to connect you with company culture…

I still feel energized. Recruiters are people too. They could experience a bad day or enjoy a good day. Still, appreciate the opportunities to use my intuition and find out companies I want to work for and those not.

0222 Thursday


A pitch, an exam, a meeting, an application rewrite; a latte a Mediterranean Vegan Wrap…. I went home and felt exhausted as well as disappointed. All busy things finished. Interview, social interaction, gratitude, team bonding, rehearsal finished. Feel my body is not ready for an ending…

0223 Friday


(Haha my fourth Meditarrian Vegan Wrap of the week, cannot resist the taste) A fog day. Nothing special. I had Pho for dinner and went to Hmart for some snacks (so pricey!). Shannon told me that I should start to find some hobbies for myself because I deserve it. Well, I do enjoy have meals with my friends and connect with people, but those require a lot of simulations. I need something to calm myself down. One problem about Chinese culture, about our generation, is that we get used to being taken care of and told what to do. We are good at socializing and achieving great performances but not good at being independent and starting a life just for self. For me, meeting with others could get me excitement and energy, so I hate wasting any second not doing it. However, to be a better person, I still need to find a balance. When it exceeds certain degree, it creates harm.


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