Week 16 Resume The Challenge

Keyword for this week: Change

0210 Saturday


See my post

0211 Sunday


I again went to Starbucks and get my favorite Extra hot Venti Sugar Free Vanilla Skinny Latte purchased by free points~

Surrounded by people studying, working, and chatting, the unique, light coffee smell in the atmosphere.

I’m happy because I love this lively environment and constant chaos. It actually keeps me focused and makes me feel less lonely.


My friend complains how her boyfriend could not understand her and makes her angry all the day. I’m grateful for her being willing to share such intimate things with me and helping her see the key problem in her relationship. 

When I have an argument in my relationship, I would openly communicate with my partner with an intention to make things better.  However, it is not the case for my friend. They have completely different personalities. Sometimes things just don’t work out but people with a fear of loss don’t want to acknowledge it. 

0212 Monday


Met with my Marketing professor to ask for my grade issues, I found that he is so charismatic to illustrate data in such sexy way! I usually fall in love with a subject just because of the teacher. If teachers don’t have a passion for what they are teaching, who would have?


I received an email from Amissa, our Theatre for Dialogue coordinator, suggesting a proposal to perform at first Student Educator Forum! She is so caring, so understanding, so spiritual that truly cares about students and helps them grow. I’m so grateful to meet her because she reminds me again why I fall in love with education and psychology: to touch people and impact at a deeper level. There’s something more important than just making money.  It’s about doing what you think is meaningful.

0213 Tuesday

Failure and Success104

I failed my phone interview. At 9:30 in the morning not fully awake, I received the interview, stumbled my words, and answered questions about my greatest accomplishment, a mistake I made, and things not on my resume. I failed so so so badly. However, after meeting with Melina, a Social Work graduate student and discussing mental health blog, I realized something.

My biggest accomplishment is to acknowledge my limits and embrace my strengths. At my MIS 301 class at my sophomore year, my final project is to work with 5 random girls at class and design a mobile app proposal.  It was hard because it was the first time I worked in a team and I could not speak English very well to express my ideas. However, I used to be very aggressive and try to impress them. We had several arguments because of my aggressive attitude and miscommunication. My mistake is not to accept myself. Later I realized my problems, apologized, and expressed my desire to make a contribution. Successfully they accommodated me and checked with me to make sure I understand clearly. I focused on my creativity and designed a logo for our coffee proposal.

See? even though I failed my interview, I successfully promote myself. When I was in the interview, I tried so hard to create an analytical and strategical character instead of focusing on my ability to connect people and unite the team. I succeeded in creating my future.

0214 Wednesday


Went to the mock interview with the retired consulting professor, “declared” Educational Psychology interest, and changed his questions, I learned some lessons from his feedback. Overall, I had a smile, eye contact, and confidence, but I didn’t show my commitment to it. Graduate level courses are hard and I said something if not working, I could drop. That is a dangerous thing to say. I am now excited because I know overall I nailed the interview and showed my passion. And I showed passion to two “tough” business people haha.

0215 Thursday

Public Speaking106

I was nervous about facilitating a workshop and went to UT’s public speaking center(required haha). Luckily, I met the nicest girl originally from South Korea. She praised that I pay great attention and engaged with the audience and also pointed out that I need to give positive feedback to people who participated. She gave me a lot of confidence and shared personal stories. I always like public speaking but not facilitation. Two-way communication is harder to control than simply one-way. I know how to grab people’s attention and make them like to listen to me, but not knowing how to generate insightful conversation. Now I guess I could do better.

Chinese New Year

It’s the last day of Chinese Lunar Year of Rooster in the U.S.  Since I woke up, enormous wish messages have popped up on my phone as in China, they have started a new year of Dog and watched the Gala. I am now sitting outside of PCL and waiting for roommates to pick me up for dinner. We are going to celebrate together and have fun (Karaoke probably). I don’t know if I am growing up or just mature, I enjoy life more and more, and have never experienced so many happiness every day. I get into the Peer Recruiting Committee and initiated the Mental Health Blog, become less rushed about things, and accept my versatility. I feel I don’t mind if not applying for the Educational Psychology master next year and not having a fantastic internship. That is ok. As long as I love myself and make contributions to things I value, that is ok. Happy New Year lovely readers!

0216 Friday


After a dinner harvest yesterday with such a full stomach, I was over excited and troubled for sleeping well. With such a bloated face, I didn’t want to shoot another video for the Youtube Channel. However, Serena convinced me that we should keep this as a habit so I took a nap and went to meet her.

It was fantastic! We wore great makeup and spoke in a clearer and calmer tone. The more we shoot, the more adept we become. Serena convinced me that we are making things better and should focus on continuing to making them.



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