25 Miserable Days of Non-writing Force Me to Resume the Challenge

Originally after my 100 days, I felt much better about my life and decided to spend time on other stuff. However, in these 25 days of not writing, I felt something wrong.

1st Week: relieved and fresh!

2nd Week: ok but bland~

3rd Week: uhhhh somewhat feeling a loss;(

4th Week: desperate and miserable ><### 

I made some progress these days.

Build a pretty resume, did several interviews, actively build relationships with roommates, eat regularly with more control…

So hurried, I didn’t think throughly about responsibilities.

I went back to the old self: keep committing to and chasing new things without checking with myself and having a rest.

Now I just have so many things needed to be done, and I feel so stressed and could not concentrate on anything.

Besides, it’s a new semester!

When you are living with your whole self, you just can not help exploring new things.

Every night my hyperactive brain has no time to relax and release excess excitement.

Mentally tired but physically excited, I cannot sleep well.

What’s more, my recording behavior is not just a habit.

It is also a sense of ceremony, an emotional catharsis.

I need the behavior to grasp a sense of control.

So empty, I lost the introspection.


I need to bring me the inspire Challenge back, bring my wellbeing back.

Here I am proud to announce, I will continue to do the challenge and record things I feel grateful, insightful, pretty.

I am ready to share more great things. Are you ready to hear?




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A 20-year-old ENFP looking for likely-minded people

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