Keyword for this week: Pause.

1114 Sunday

Talk with Selena97

What do you want from the relationship?

What kind of boyfriend do you need?

I asked those questions to my friend Selena, an ENTJ never thought about that. Selena took my advice about her ex and acknowledged my social intelligence.

I love Selena’s strong logical abilities while she appreciates my social skills.

1115 Monday


My mom told me: “Only technical people are worthy – Did you make the incorrect conclusion?

No matter what you do, as long as you did a great job, you could get recognition.

You have to learn how to be mentally strong, so strong that you can handle criticism. What you need to learn is to be confident.”

1116 Tuesday


I know what I want to do when I retire: counselor! And I finally find my dream career: life coach specialing in communication and personal development!

How did I come to this?

This morning, Selena told me that she made a list of reasons she decides to be with her ex and thanks me for giving for suggestions. She admits that she did not understand what her needs like I do.

Well, that occurs to me: I have a strong sense of self-awareness and am superb at interpersonal communication. I should believe myself and pursue this “unstable” career because it is where my passion lies. All the other decisions: major, internship, courses, etc become less important and are supplemental to my dream.

Could not be happier.

1117 Wednesday


It’s my 100th day of weekly Inspire Challenge!

Before this challenge, I don’t have any memory of persistence in one thing.

When I was a child, I have always tried various things: keyboard, drum, calligraphy, dancing, chore… but never keep on doing them. Now in college, I changed majors three times, took multiple courses unrelated to my degree plan, and got involved in various organizations but quitted a semester later. When others work hard in their chosen majors and organizations, accumulated professional knowledge, and advance to higher positions step by step, I instead, committed to nothing.

The idiom 3-minute passion (三分钟热度 a brief period of enthusiasm Chinese saying) could not be more pertinent to describe me.

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