0107 Sunday


These days I’ve had dinner outside with my parents’ friends and met peers studying abroad. Interestingly, they are either business or engineering related majors and doing technical work. Tonight a marketing graduate from the UK who is working in the shopping mall marketing department shared a social marketing app and advised me a public relation career; an information system friend in Boston College who interned in Deloitte told me to slow down and wait for opportunities.

I love marketing. I love promoting ideas and people but not data or sales. Maybe I should go outside and ask more people.

0108 Monday


These days without assignment, without class, without pressure, I feel I don’t have input to write. Maybe I should start to narrow down topics.

The idea is from the talk with Jenny. I shared her my insights about Ladybird – how the girl finally understands mom and make peace with herself. She suggests me to open a film blog and she will be my first reader.

Maybe I should combine psychology and media together…

0109 Tuesday


My therapist told me I could become a counselor and encouraged me to enjoy my life. All other things I want to do – website, advertising, marketing, social media, writing – are just skills to elaborate my career.

However, the afternoon as I visited my middle school math teacher and told her about my dream career, she said I could not do that. I was too self-absorbed and impatient to listen to client’s problems.

“Well, it requires time and experience.”  I said.

Don’t be harsh on a twenty-year-old girl. I am still young and of course inexperience, but it does not mean I could not become a good counselor. I have empathy, intuition, and communication skills.

0110 Wednesday


Happy Birthday to me;) I’m now 21 – able to drink in U.S~

My mom cooked delicious meals and my dad bought a chocolate cake. As usual, I made a wish.

Unlike usual mom and dad safe and sound, I wish myself famous this year. During the past days visiting my friends and teachers, I released I had so much experience in college that makes me proud of. If I want to share and help others, I need to become famous and accept criticism first.

So this year, I want to take a break, reflect my past, and organize my accomplishments in this place.

You have no idea how much I have to offer.

0111 Thursday


On the way driving home, I told my mom how much things I have done in three years: social service organization, nonprofit internship, start-up internship, marketing association, monologue writing and performing, mental health workshop, interactive theatre, career organization, Chinese association… not to mention multiple academic projects.

However, she mentioned my big problem: downplay my career accomplishments and overplay my interests involvements.

I did not play the lead role in my marketing association and did not think those works are very important. Actually, I worked with professors, peers, and working professionals, brainstormed marketing campaigns, designed logos, and proposed unique strategies. Even though I was not the initiator, as a key member I also made great contributions and proved my abilities.

0112 Friday

Toy 395

I watched Toy Story 3 again and cried hard.


When Andy’s mom walked into Andy’s room and saw all the stuff was packed and the room was empty, she kept silent for several seconds, sad and sentimental. Andy has grown up, ready for college and his own life. I suddenly thought about the scene hours ago my mom and I were saying goodbye in the airport.

“How can I raise up such pretty girl,” my mom smiled at me, “my forever little sweet pillow!”

Oh, I am gonna cry again. How I wish I could remain my parents’ kid! Being loved and cared forever;)

0113 Saturday

This Is Us S02E1196

Amazing episode as USA Today says: “Kevin’s rehab triggers explosive family confrontation.”

Kevin, a young boy feel neglected by Mom who always loves Randal and Dad who always love Kate, seeks attention from outside and feels “not good enough.” When he as an adult expresses the feeling, he got tremendous anger and accusation from family members.

It’s not Kevin’s fault. Family members need to know that every person uses own perspective to look at the world. Kevin needs to adjust his misconception and others need to justify Kevin’s feeling. Three things I need to remind me:
This Is Us - Season 1

  1. We really need to openly communicate our feelings. “I am very happy that you are here.” Asians often neglect expressing feelings and view those are weaknesses. That brings a lot of people into family conflicts and mental health problems.
  2. Each person has a different perspective. Instead of critizing others, we need to justify and try to correct others’ thoughts. It is best to use empathy and understanding to solve problems.
  3. I really have special sensitivities about emotions and love drama TV and movies. Watching others from the third perspectives helps me release my emotions. I really have a talent in psychology and counseling. A lot of Chinese people do techinical works because they don’t have my abilities. It is ok to be different. I need to focus on my advantages instead of following others.



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