#WeeklyInspireChallenge Week12

1224 Sunday76


I didn’t realize that the little Bourgeoisie style, that I am always looking for, could exist in “red-neck” Texas until I spent the Chrismas Eve in Dallas.

A little explanation. The Bourgeoisie is a group of unique population in China called Xiaozi “a distinctly Chinese urban tribe that occupies a space somewhere between the yuppies and hipsters familiar to Westerners.”

Chrismas-theme market
Exotic foreign restaurants









And in Dallas, I first time saw so many small and well-decorated urban stores with great sensory experience such as Chrismas-theme markets or well-decorated exotic foreign restaurants.

Well, Those stores are very common in cities I traveled to – New York, Athens, Tyoko, Shanghai, etc. Especially in Tyoko, people pursue the art of experience and strives to balance living with beauty.

Anyways, now I love Texas much more than three years ago. I finally find a place I am willing to live:)

1125 Monday


On the highway home, we wanted to find a place for lunch, but a lot of restaurants were closed. Finally, we stopped at a local gas store.

As I browsed the menu fried chicken, fried steak, fried catfish and saw the counter full of yellow, crispy, oily meat, a disgusting feeling was suddenly aroused.

Just don’t want to eat those junk food at all.

Last time eating with others, my boyfriend kept telling them how weird I am as a Chinese crazy about American and Mexican instead of Chinese food.

Well, the truth is, for one thing, I love food with rich nutrition. Sashimi, fruits, steamed vegetables, lean meat, egg… preferably fresh and organic…My mom’s idea that you should always eat healthily is deeply rooted in my mind; For another thing, for snacks, I love the chewy and sweet ones, like snack protein bar, bread, chocolate. Suzhou people love sweet food, and I love the chewy taste, which gives my mouth a fulfillment.

Chinese food is too oily and unhealthy in the U.S. I’m not picky about the food origins and American and Mexican food are everywhere. However, I hate American’s fried food – The oily taste made my sensitive stomach miserable whole day.

1226 Tuesday


I began to read Gone with the Wind.

She knew how to smile so that her dimples leaped, how to walk pigeon-toed so that her wide hoop skirts swayed entrancingly, how to look up into a man’s face and then drop her eyes and bat the lids rapidly so that she seemed a-tremble with gentle emotion.

Oh my gosh, those words are so so so beautiful! I Words have so much power and I feel the beauty beneath them. You could feel they are dancing and dragging Scarlett O’Hara out of the book, dancing and entertaining the crowd with her best charm.

A little embarrassed to say, I feel such a strong connection with her – I was exactly the kind of girl in my childhood! Bold, flighty, impatient, self-absorbed, charming… If adults see me and say “Hey, Clear, sing a song!” I will smile with my deep dimples inherited from my mom and open with my sweetest voice….  I gain so many praises and so much vanity at the “stage.”

1227 Wednesday


Finally at my home, sweet home. I fell asleep early because of the long flight but woke up early at 2 a.m because of the jet lag (Lunchtime in the U.S. haha).


My parents are asleep. Having nothing else to do, I re-explore my bedroom and found the postcards in my drawer. Those were from people at Postcrossing (an online platform that people send postcards to random people from the world).

A postcard is a snapshot, a simplified but condensed paper of a culture. Just looking at them, I found joy. People of different age, occupation, and identity share their stories with me, welcoming me to join their part of life and reminding how large and amazing the world is and could be.

Postcard reminds me, that I deeply fall in love with people and variety. I am a global person and want to travel all over the world to discover. I want to experience, explore, and express.

1228 Thursday


See my post.




1229 Friday


I watched Loving Vincent and cried hardly at last.

A film with every frame painted by an artist, a film that praises Van Gogh, a film that discusses love and brotherhood, a film that honors art…


At last two letters from Van Gogh to his brother, the first why he decides to be an artist and the last why he decides to end his life, pushes the film to the climax. There is a struggle that he wants to share the beauty he sees but not add the burden to his brother, a struggle between ideality and reality.

Thank you for inviting me to understand Vincent, from the narratives of people who both contribute to his art and bring his death (Surprisingly saw my second favorite Saoirse Ronan in it!).

1230 Saturday


My mom’s friend let us take care of her one-year-old Teddy dog Qiuqiu for one month. And today is the first day with him.

  • Waken up by his super loud barking at 4 a.m. by him to pee, and again at 6 a.m.
  • Forced to take him outside at 6; he was happily jumping like a rabbit and excited about everything.
  • Three times I tried to take him home for a nap but he ran away at the stairs
  • Play ball with him but he was frightened to pick it up (because of the plastic bag next to it is making the squarky noise)
  • In the late afternoon finally he ran out of energy but refused to sleep in his bed but on the ground next to me.

A little child is troublesome and needy but wins the love of all my family.


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