Power Ranger

There is only thing that you cannot miss in New York during Thanksgiving: Macy’s Thanksgiving parade

Got up a little bit late, we arrived at the 6th Avenue near Times Square and tried to enjoy the parade, but large crowds of people/tourists blocked most of views

Ballons, celebrities, decorated floats, drum crops…..


The funniest is a guy wearing this Turkey hat shouting out, extremely loudly and excitedly, the cartoon character’s name every time the character’s balloon comes, bringing some laughs and warmth to our freezing people in this 37F morning.


SpongeBob SquarePants


Jimmy Fallon


And of course, the best also the worst place for tourists to visit in New York: Times Square.

Before I came, I watched numerous Youtube videos about why you should go or not go to Times Square – a touristy place only designed for tourists. However, it is the tourists that make this place, make New York so special that further attracts more people come.


However, don’t shop and eat here even during Thanksgiving sale! Food is so expensive. Go few blocks to find some cheaper ones. Also, I wasted extra more $27 shopping at the Disney store here than doing it online even at Black Friday:(


M&M store


Disney Store


Trump Tower opened this Fall

The next stop is 5th Avenue, aka the tourists/luxury/longest/feet-dead shopping street.

Walking endlessly…


Shop closed


Street Artis


St. Patrick’s Cathedral is large. “A decorated Neo-Gothic-style Roman Catholic cathedral church in the United States and a prominent landmark of New York City.”

We didn’t stay here for a long time.


NBC TV Studio is one of my most-want-see spots in NYC, mostly because of SNL.


Expected that there will not be many restaurants open at Thanksgiving night, we went to Chinatown, hoping some not following American traditions will offer us some hot egg drop soup. Luckily, there were few open!


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