#Thanksgiving in New York Day1


Leaving from Austin to Newark, I found an article talking about how amazing Austin is.

Article about Austin

The fusion of the “Live Music Capital of the World” and Silicon Gulch seems to have super charged Austin, helping turn a center-of-the-country government town into a cutting-edge, digitally-savvy metropolis.

It talks about Austin’s live music scenes, technology start-ups, UT strong academics, health innovations.. the dynamic energy that boost Austin.


Newark Liberty International Airport



Finally Arrived! Took one picture when taking the AirTrain to the station.

The weather is about 50F. Windy but clear:)




Aramark to Penn Station

The Penn Station is the busiest train station I have ever seen in U.S. So many fast food restaurants cramped together – Subway, Pizzahut, Donkun Donut, Jumba Juice, Starbuck, Fridays, and so many people squelching each other – business professionals, single travelers, commuters, families… Never stop walking….Remind me of Beijing and Shanghai, both of which have brighter and cleaner stations and recorded stops announcements. (Didn’t take pictures at all, afraid of phone being stolen like in China)


Scene outside my Hotel window

Though we lived in the Lowertown of Manhattan, the hotel is still kind of fancy….







Elevator View



After we had dinner in a cafe, we took the subway and visited the Empire State Building! (New York’s subway system is very sophisticated. All you need extra is a Google map) Splendid view but with the extremely cold weather…



The Statue of Liberty from telescope


Last thing: most diverse and busiest population in U.S. We hung out a little bit in Koreatown, and took the subway around 11:30 p.m. back – a lot of people were still wandering at the street~





Night View1
Night View2








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