Halloween Special: Spooky Ted Talks You Must Watch

Happy Halloween! Bored with Trick-or-Treat and eating candies? Feel tired of watching scary movies? Feel empty after learning nothing except ghost hunting? Don’t worry!  Here are some spooky Ted Talks that will add some spice to your Halloween night!


  • Explore The Mind of Killer

Professor Jim Fallon look at those psychopathic killers’ genes to see what genes make them do those certain killing behaviors. It turns out that they all have brain damages and sex-linked MAOA genes…

And sorry boys… You are more likely to get from your mother than girls.

  • Can You Really Tell A Kid Is Lying

Researcher Kang Lee studies how kids lied and discovered two key ingredients of successful lying: mind reading ability and self-control

Adults sorry, you actually cannot detect whether your kids are lying or not, but if they are, you should celebrate instead of panicking!

Hope these two special videos inspire your night! Don’t get scared and have a good night:)


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