About Me: The Reason To Start This Blog

Please spare a minute and come in.

Hi, 你好, Jambo,  Χαίρετε, こんにちは. 


Glad you find this place.

My name is Clear, an international student from China.

Currently, I am a third-year business major at The University of Texas at Austin.

If you are a business professional, there is a large chance that I am going to tell you this way:

I am a creative thinker, a lifetime learner, and a professional communicator.

My passion lies in public speaking, theatre, spirituality, drama series (Downton Abby prior to Season Four, This is US, Modern Family), sitcoms (Friends, Brooklyn Nine-Nine).

I want to help others, contribute to team’s success, and express ideas, and persuading others.

After spending 18 years in Suzhou, China, I started my college journey in Austin, U.S. I love different cultures and languages. So far I’ve spent multiple summers in Tokyo, Japan, learning Japanese; Nairobi, Kenya volunteering for the NGO; Athens, Greece immersing in the ancient civilization…

So I learn, start to explore the fantastic world.

My dream is one day that I could become a life coach, stand on the Ted Talk stage, and inspire others to follow their dreams.

However, if you are idealist NF type person in the Myers Briggs Personality test, a mental health advocator, a helping professional, a spirituality guru, empathetic, passionate about psychology, caring about the meanings of the world, you will get another answer from me:

I am a most introverted ENFP, an emotionally sensitive and highly intuitive person you’ve ever seen.

I care about people so much.

My oversensitivity that responds to stress so vehemently makes me over vulnerable and sentimental. My highly developed introspection makes me contemplate truth beyond the surface and meaning of the life.

The beauty that only I could see,  feel, and resonate through my childhood was never been appreciated and recognized. The voice I want to speak up and share with the world was silenced because of the sense of insecurity and belonging.

The truth that I really want to know, is that I am a mental health advocator, I want to inspire people and connect them .

Food for such a long time is my antithetic to suppress inner self and my antidote to forever loneliness until spirituality and counseling guide me become stronger and independent.

I want create a balance between professional world and personal space. I want to create a balance between sense and sensibility.

Writing. languages, words, and images are so powerful that they become my tool to find peace with food.

My vulnerability and introspection, which used to be a weakness, now become my strength to express, to connect, to relieve myself.

I just have so much wanted to say.

This blog is my sacred space to connect my inner younger self. And I do hope this blog, could be the space that allows you to connect with inner you.

Because everyone has a unique gift and voice, that deserve to be brought to the world.

Please leave me a comment, so that we could together unleash our deepest fear and emotions, to create a community!


2 Comments on “About Me: The Reason To Start This Blog

  1. It was a pleasure to go through your post, you seem to be a very interesting person. Thanks for sharing about your life and your dreams. I wish you all the very best as through the medium of you sacred space you explore, create, connect and touch the lives of other people around you. According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them ☺️


  2. Thank you so much, Sidharth! Your words and encouragement mean a lot to me! 😊 There are still a lot waiting to be experienced and learned. Wish you the same, connecting lost souls through your poerty:)


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