Sunday 1015


I feel so calm right now, at 10:07 p.m. Under the dim, yellow lamplight my messy desk gleamed gold.  Pens, white scratch paper, headphone, candy… all in a jumble and disturbing during the day, now only makes me feel peaceful and grateful for being in my little room.

I always want to have a large room, huge wardrobe, studying desk, doodling and writing desk with full of books and drawings, makeup desk with a large mirror, a fitness area I could do yoga, cardiac, and dance, an armchair facing toward the sun, a comforty bed with the right height so that I could just jump into and fall asleep with the sweetest dream….

Monday 1016

10-10 concept


In the mental health peer educator course, our mental health coordinator shared a self-care strategy – 10 to 10. When you feel blue, depressed, emotionally overwhelmed, have a bad test, got a bad impression, talk with your body and mind: will this matter in 10 minutes? in 10 hours? 10 days? How about 10 years?

My thoughts originally occupied by the morning exam and last night’s overeating habit, suddenly became aware of that moment and be in the classroom. Yeah, the feeling could last 10 minutes up to 10 hours, but no more. The eating habit, makes you feel bloated for 10 hours, but if you don’t accept the fact and live with that – that’s fine, which is my state – it still won’t last more than 10 days. If you take action and stop the cycle, 10 days later you could go back to normal and even back to the normal weight.

Why am I making myself miserable if I know I will always be the same me?

I share this self-care strategy here:

Ask yourself:

Will this situation, this feeling last for 10 minutes?

10 hours? 10 days? 10 months? 10 years?


Tonight we created scenes for four characters. Each two was assigned as a couple waiting for the bus with conflicting objectives and power dynamics.

As a normal Chinese student following the study, study, study path, I never have the chance even the courage to try to be an artist and get involved in theatre. Yes, the standard education system makes me so afraid of being judged as different and “unorthodox” because I care about others’ opinions so, so much.

Getting involved with creating a performance, is like an unleashed.

My emotions, my intellectual and creative thinking, my “childishly, weirdly” outgoing personality, are all unleashed every week, Monday and Wednesday night.

Unleash the whole me, fully.


Tuesday 1017


Grateful for finally rejoin Tuesday’s yoga session, especially in this busy week. My mind finally connects with my body, and finally give my body a little space to relax, to set in peace.

That comes to self-care tool share today: Three good things.  It is developed by the father of Positive Psychology – Marty Seligman:

Each night before you go to sleep:

  1. Think of three good things that happened today.
  2. Write them down.
  3. Reflect on why they happened.

Also, try to ask yourself these two questions:

  1. what you did to make that good thing happen?
  2. What you did to appreciate good thing?

To apply to my yoga practice, I did think about not going and instead fully immersing in the library working on the 10-page marketing report which is due tomorrow. However, there is an instinct, a voice telling me that I would be so happy and relieved if I just spare this one hour…

So I went to the gym, got my exercise clothed changed, and walked 10 minutes to the yoga place. These steps are simple, but to one with little patience and persistence, these procedures are tiny obstacles that I have to keep telling my mind to overcome one by one.

After the yoga, I went to eat a refreshing salad to thank for my effort and care for my body.

There are impulses to drink diet coke, nutrition sweet bars, but I remember my hard yoga effort and stop the urge!

Hey, try to spare some time for yourself and identify three goods things happened today.  You could be happy and better, you are worth being happy and better;)

Wednesday 1018

Please see my another post






Thursday 1019


So excited yesterday to sleep, struggled to get up and get my body moved!



Friday 1020


I went to see Blade Runner 2049The film, how to say, is way too long than it should be. Ryan Gosling falls in love with “Felicity Jones” and thought he was the son of Han Solo, but both did not work out.

I really love the expecting part in the middle of the film, the story progress is too slow, not to mention the overall dread, dark scenes, and music. It is a good movie for sci-fi fans, but just not for me.

However, I am so grateful to have this night out with my boyfriend. Get away from heavy schoolwork and my endless thoughts.

Friday is the day for fun, or anyone would disagree?

Saturday 1021


Guess what I ate today before 1 p.m?

Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory, Poke Bowl, Skinny Vanilla Latte.

Yesterday when eating the hot pot with my friend Serene, I was talking with her about things make us happy.

“Food! Like the Hot Pot we are eating right now.”

“Well, you like Hot Pot; I like the fact you enjoyed hot pot while I am not.”

Well, I do love food, especially sweet food, chocolate, cake, cream, ice cream… you name it. However, my lack of sense of control and worry of getting fat trouble me from fully being in the present and enjoying choice I make – the food itself in front of my eyes.

But today is different.

I don’t have upcoming deadlines, social pressure finding internships, busy schedules… a good, stress-free Saturday.

So I fully enjoy those sweet, beautiful, satisfying deserts and appreciate, even though I still finishing them very quickly.

I love the freedom of choosing. And the choice is key – where to eat, what to eat, how much to eat, whom to eat with…


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