Guessed What Message You Missed Yesterday: Another Way of Being Brave is Never Stop Being Brave

The post is 387 words and requires a 3-minute reading. 

I am keeping track of every day’s inspiration but I feel today’s thought aka poem, aka daily prompt, worth to a single post. 


Wednesday 1018


It’s my third years in UT

I have still not regretted, that

I came to UT and started this a journeyA

As a Mental Health Peer Educator

After understanding the limited resources school have

And how many it has done and still been doing I appreciate

I appreciate

And grateful

As a Theatre for Dialogue Facilitator

For two month working with four

Fantastic similar-minded people

For an interactive performance about relationship

First time realizing the power of theatre

Release my intellectual thinking and emotional empathy

First time I feel a sense of


So used to think Mccombs Business School’s cruel and competitive

Struggled, complaining to run away

Slowly, however,

Start to thankful for being a member

Those networking and job recruiting events

Simply a life skill technique that everyone

should learn to know more people, get more resources

When still in my childhood

I was the king of the kids

But deep inside, there is an actor dream

shouting to be heard

When growing to be an adolescent

I studied, studied

Not for me

but for teachers for parents for reward

What about now?

Never give up a chance and still a perfectionist

Simply because I have so many, so many

Things want to experience, emotions want to embody

And then, share to my lovely world

I don’t know why people are telling you

You cannot sell the cow and drink the milk

You have to narrow down

You have to focus on one thing

The truth is you can

You could always have more than one cow

But you must only have a few

But you must have the courage  give up milk

To give up milk

To be honest

I still cannot do it now

And don’t know when

I will do it


I don’t want too soon

To define myself

Hope the world gives me a bit more time

A bit more chances

A bit more space

So that I could experience more things

Explore more possibilities

Today’s Daily Prompt is Brave, exactly what my inspiration is! What inspires you, your career, your dream?

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