004 Most Emotional Night…. 

Friday 1013

Life Coach

It is real. I do want to become a life coach. 

I went to talk with the career counselor today about my struggle to focus on one thing. Want to study Educational Psychology, want to learn about public relation careers, want to learn more about drama therapy, want to jump to the business world… Too many things I WANT to do but it’s junior and you have to focus on ONE THING.

She helped me to narrow down my next step: use Linkedin, talk to public relation professional in Austin, and learn about their paths

You still have time.” She said one thing really relieved me.

However, “if you still don’t know what to do at the end of next year’s summer, you can come in and let’s figure it out.”

In the end, I briefly mentioned the idea of being a life coach and shared Marie Forleo’s Marie TV (which she doesn’t know) and Tony Robbins’ dream career.

She said it’s a combined of personality, luck, and experience but does encourage me to do a podcast.

Until I saw this video.

What Marie shared, what the host Jonathan talked, are something that most people don’t understand – there are a group talented people who live with passion and would take whatever to achieve it.

Marie did have years of torture, but what confines her is not others but herself keeping telling her mind that SHE SHOULD BE FOCUS on one.

She is a one with multi-passions – coach, dance, bartending, and one deeply introspective and intelligent but also ambitious and strong-willed.

The bold, self-assertive, and charming personality I think is the key to her success, and could be keys for others, I firmly believe including me, to reach my dream.

Marie mentioned that her coaching, multi-entrepreneur career path is not for everyone, and it’s for everyone for a particular life time.

She was 25ish with “tremendous energy” no external obligation – kids, husband, mortgage. That’s a time everything is possible and everyone is still a piece of blank paper.

Then she chooses to fully live in her moment, enjoying what she wants to do.

I was, I have to admit, so inspired by not her passion but the faith, or something I share that makes me miserable as well as grateful in college.

I love my interactive theatre, public speaking,  interviewing different people to listen to their stories, giving advice to friends about emotions, relationships, family history… and deeply in my mind, I know I always want to dance – even though never took several courses.

The same with multi-passions, same has something want to share the world, but what stops me is so far I am still in the incubator stage to learn writing, organizing, time management, emotion regulation, finishing degrees, becoming independent.

I am a staged learning to be an adult, making connections with the community,  and building needed courage. Fear drives me away from starting sending messages.

But I will go to the page. And I am still believing.

 I want to become a life coach. 



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