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A tragic day of humankind.

This morning as I struggled to open my eyes and get up in my comfy bed, the Las Vegas shooting massacre story notification instantly made my mind awake.

At my first International Business class, most of the students were learning about Balance of Payments, keeping writing notes, and immersing in topics “how to do maximize wealth globally and do right bookkeeping thing,” I noticed the girl sitting next to me, was skimming through the internet and searching the Las Vegas story.

The afternoon in Austin at this time is the best. The sun lazily hung in the sky, warm and serene. I walked past UT’s flag raising court and suddenly saw that flag was flown half-mast.

My heart is so heavy. 

For one thing, I don’t know what happened in this world.

This year, so many so many heartbreaking stories. I still remembered the terrorism in Paris in last November. It was an awful night because I was going through some kind of unrequited love and crying all night for that. When I woke up the next early morning, I read the news on my phone and the story only made me depressed more.

Speechless. I could not even open the links and saw those photos with fear, with tears.

Why we have to experience those things? What rights on earth could make one have the right to harm so many innocent lives? Why there is so much hatred against each other? And how vulnerable we humankind are! 

For another thing, I feel ashamed of being.

At night when meeting my group and preparing upcoming theatre performances, Will questioned himself about his relationship with the society and the world.

He neither finish the words nor elaborates the conversation. However, I do feel a sense of seriousness in his words.

How do I feel myself in the society?

We only feel important when “we”are involved – the group whose identities we personally align with.

From nationality to race, from physical places to psychological illness, from school to family and friends, from occupation to interests and hobbies….

Living in far-away (not far actually)sunny Austin, am I going to feel the exact feelings people in Las Vegas feel? Can I understand the seriousness Americans feel as an international student? Do I have the right to feel anything when this killing is just done by one “psychopath”?

I know I do. Because freedom, love, and peace, are things we are entitled with.

My heart is with Las Vegas.



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