My BA 101 reflection paper

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Having been sitting in the library with eyes fixed on the laptop for a whole day just for my AET project. I used the snapshot of “Machine animation project” for feature image to show my progress.

Sorry, I am so tired today. So I will post my previous BA 101 reflection paper about interests, careers, and future. BA 101 is a class which college helps students understand themselves and advanced their careers.

After the Interest and Skills Self Evaluation, I feel like that I have a better understanding of myself, chosen major, and potential career path.

My top three interests are socializing with people, solving problems, and discussing future possibilities. And my top three skills are effectively conveying information, envisioning future, and developing plans. Surprisingly, my interests and skills are interconnected with each other. First of all, I have a talent in connecting with people deeply and extremely enjoy the process of breaking the ice and talk with people. For example, in this semester, I actively engaged in Target Your Future and BBA Women’s Council two leadership programs I actively engaged in this semester, I interacted with students from various majors and professionals from various industries. Listening to their own stories extremely energizes me as I could discover their uniqueness, vividly picturing their stories in my mind, and feeling their emotions.  It is clear that I want to work in a people-oriented field in which I could meet diverse people. Secondly, I found that I am drawn to classes whose instructors have passions for education and their work. This semester, I liked my MIS 301 best because of my professor. Though he pushes hard to learn with a lot of readings and assignments, he is always ready to help. I learned a lot from creativity to programming, from collaboration to time-management. Most importantly, he has a passion for education and technology. It is Professor Rock that guides me to see the power of information technology and makes me change the major to MIS.

Obviously, as Internet and technology continuously emerge and change the world, every company needs people to analyze big data and create business solutions. Before, I intended to major in accounting or finance and help people solve financial problems. However, when conducting company research of Deloitte, one of leading professional accounting firms, I found that technology has a huge impact on Deloitte. There is a trend that Deloitte starts to strength its IT and management consulting and develop E-commerce.  Later as Professor Rock told me that MIS students will not only learn programming but also creative thinking to solve business problems, I made up my mind to major in MIS. I want to utilize technology and bring bringing changes to shape the future.

What attracts me most is the vast career opportunities for MIS students. A major does not equal to a career; with technical and analytical skills, I could work whatever I like. Therefore, after interviews with industry professionals, jobs researches in Occupational Outlook Handbook and assessments in, I found three potential career paths which perfectly matches my interests and skills. The first is Marketing and Advertising. I will be able to meet a lot of brilliant people, develop creative campaigns and promote people’s business. Combined with my MIS major, I could start with an entry-level Search Marketing Specialist or Marketing Research Analyst. The second is Project Management. I enjoy plan ahead, communicating with clients, and collaborate with team members to develop information technology projects. I will always initiate new projects and never get bored. The third is Human Resources. This area allows me to meet people face to face, use my talent in discovering their uniqueness and put them in right position. I could make people get engaged and make more contributions to the company. In conclusion, I will be happy working in a technology, media or education industries which involve changes and team works. All three career paths fit my interests and skills as I could satisfy people’s need, gain recognition, solve problems and lead changes.

Undoubtedly, I feel more confident in my career choice from when I first entered college. In fact, I applied to business only because it has the prestigious business programs and intelligent professors; I did not think about my strengths and interests at all. It is the time for me to set goals and follow my passion. For careers, this week I will first meet Career Coach Ms. Wike who specializes in the marketing field and talk about internships possibilities. Then, I will continue to attend events, socialize with people, and gain more industry information. Finally, I will start to look for summer internships through LinkedIn and career services for my junior year. For organizations, I attended several sessions of the American Marketing Association this semester and hope to join next semester. Also, I will get more involved in my Chinese Scholars and Students Association and take more responsibilities. For academics, I will minor in Communication Studies to further strengthen my communication and networking skills.

The last but not least, I am so glad to take BA 101 and know myself better.

The reason that I want to share this because sometimes, you could still learn from what you do not like. I did not like the class material at all. Interview skills, networking tips, potential money reward… I just feel like pushy and too hurry. I am still a sophomore, and it is impossible for some students like my age to know my major and networking with recruiters without taking time to think my advantages and disadvantages. But I do use a lot of opportunities to talk career coaches, take personalities test meet more interesting people, and doing the reflection paper.I enjoy opportunities for social interaction and gain more for personal development. So I learned that thinking deeply and thoughtfully before making a judgment or decision. Something “meaningless” or “boring”may at last benefit you.



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