A morning or night person?

The post is 420 word and about 3 minutes to read.

I wrote nothing yesterday because of preparing today’s last and the only one final accounting exam. With one more animation project, I am done with this semester. 

I woke up at 4 a.m and  has not stopped studying expect eating meals until 7 pm. It’s not because I did not study well and needed to cram;it’s just because of my perfectionism characteristic.

I want to keep my 4.0 GPA.

Actually, 4.0 is completely useless. It only shows a student’s learning capabilities. However,  sometimes I am just so harsh on me that as long as there’s an over 50% winning chance, I will do whatever I can to grab and make it.

But what I want to share is my highly efficient use of morning.

Usually, I will utilize the night hours to study. However, under the mellow light, with a tired body tortured for a whole study day, roommates’ loud voice in the kitchen, I would lose attention for only a short of time. Either browse Instagram to spend time off, or watching two or three newly released TV series.

But today is completely differently. First of all, waking up at 4 compared to 10 in other days saved me extra 6 hours! My friends always complain about getting up late and feeling a waste of whole morning. With the 6 hours, I spent some time meditating, writing a journal, and even cleaned my room! Secondly, at midnight, those party animals next to my apartment would always shout and laugh with loud music for at least two hours, creating a lot of distractions. However, the early morning was extremely quite. It seemed that the world has not woken up and every living creatures except me were sleeping. I was sober and fully concentrated.

Wow, then am I better to be a morning person?

I found this article Morning People Vs. Night Owls: 9 Insights Backed By Science, saying Larkers(morning people) are happier, more persistent and agreeable, while Owls(night people) are smarter while more procrastinate.

I feel it might be true. Getting a bit of early with more hours did give me some confidence of passing the final. I concentrated on study longer and had more flexible hours. But getting too early also made me get tired in the afternoon and had less energy to come up new ways to solve accounting problems.

Anyways, no matter a morning lark or night owl, just let me get me enough sleep. Final days are hard, with so less time to do…. How can I be smart, be happy, be hardworking without much energy!


Photo:Taken in New Orleans during Thanksgiving


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