Some random thoughts of careers

The post is 340 words, 2 minutes to read and about some random thoughts of my future jobs.

A lot of as international students go for statistic related majors such as computer science or accounting due to our work-authorization limitation, language and culture barriers. I respect a lot of my friends’ choice. They could do the boring jobs but still, enjoy their time after study and work. They just did a great job separating them.

But I can’t. I only want to do what I like. I want to work in a non-competitive environment, challenging, and changing industry, and a people-oriented position with a lot of social interactions and recognitions.

Of course, I do not want to waste my parents’ money. Of course, I want to make a great fortune. But I just do not want to rush to one full of details and mundane routine.

What’s more, there must be something more important than money itself, to make those leaders from various industries continuously devote themselves to changing the world. I believe it is the passion.

Since the first day in college, I start a journey to find myself, the meaning of life and the potential of human beings. I searched numerous personality tests, career tests, school recourses; I talk to peers, family members, career coaches, industry professionals… Then I realized none of these are more helpful than trying different things on your own.

Only if you step into, work hard and make things happen, you can know whether are you suitable for this.

If your heart is telling you – I feel so happy doing this. I feel motivated, encouraged, valuable for my job, then go for it.

It is a long journey. And a journey for learning and growth.

Those are thoughts suffered from doing my final After Effects project for this semester’s favorite class. Though it has nothing to do with my college degree and becomes extremely painful after I realized I have no art talent at all, I still want to challenge myself.

And I don’t think my trying is useless. It gives me valuable experience and knowledge, and most importantly a professor who really wants to cultivate us. Maybe some later I could share my professor in the blog;)


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