Some websites to help you find the right college – Part 3

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Finally to the last one!

The most important, useful, comprehensive, personalized website.

6th:College’s official website

Some official sites tell you that they have top 1 academic program, some tell you they have joyful students, some tell you they customize your degree, some tell you they have unique art scene….

College official websites promote the most attractive characteristics they have, which in fact is exactly what dedicated to the most.  

Let me share with my stories.

In my first one 003:Some websites to help you find the right college – Part 1 I mentioned that I could not decide to attend a private or public university, in east coast or west coast, at south or north.

You know what I did.

I did directly go to colleges’ webpages and browsed their content. I find private ones will boost its smaller class, close relationship with peers, and unique characteristics. Take University 0f Rochester as an example, it gives an entire section and promotes its flexible curriculum for individual development.

“There are no required subjects.”

“People do their best when doing what they love. At Rochester, you build your own curriculum with your own unique strengths and interests.”

However, the public universities give students more resources, lager social networks, and less financial burdens.

Like the UW-Madison, it has No.1 Master of Educational Psychology program in U.S. News & World Report’s 2017 Best Graduate Schools and prepares students for advanced and professional development.

“We are grateful for this recognition, which affirms that our faculty and students continue the Department’s tradition of ground-breaking research and teaching,” said Department Chair Brad Brown. “The insights and innovation of our faculty will lead to educational systems that can better prepare the nation’s students for the challenges they will face in adulthood.”

Same is location.

East coast has an atmosphere of liberal art and media, while West coast is famous for innovation and technology.

If you want city life, then do not go to a college in the countryside and complain not many things to do.

If you want small classes, then do not go to a public university and be frightened by overwhelming population.

Because what you can make of largely depends on what your college could offer.

For my freshmen year, I changed my major third times, experienced 3D printing, tried over 30 restaurants near campus, went to watch football with crazy friends, attended music festivals…..

If my college was not a public one with over 100 majors, in a fun city with a culture of music, art, and technology, in a state with relatively low living cost, I don’t think I could have that many recourses, and most importantly, to come over a phase of depression and homesickness.

And there is no a single day that I regret studying in my college.



The last but not least, go to the official websites and check with your inner world.

Please do not get stuck in rankings, reviews, parents’ expectations, promising salaries.

Those are just others opinions.

Please ask your heart,

What kind of college will I enjoy most? How does this college feel to me?

Please always remember,

Only you know what you want.


Thank you for seeing this post! Do you have any comments and suggestion for me to improve? Really appreciated!



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