Some websites to help you find the right college – Part 2

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Sometimes I feel rankings from U.S.News and PrincetonReview might not be great as they sound to be. Of course, they use scientific methods and consult prestigious experts to come up those comprehensive ranking systems.

But they forgot one fact that it is our students who actually go to those universities.

Everyone is unique in some way. Even though the school might have the top 1 academic resources, for example, a nerdy school environment might not be suitable for an out-going student who wants to have a balance between study and life.

I am extremely picky about the school environment. I want to go to one with professors who enjoy teaching, great art and music scenes, and opportunities to interact with diverse people.

I do not want a school just with cold statics.

I want one that I can actually feel and enjoy as a human being.

So today continued, I want to share with you three more useful websites with comments from enrolled Students.




If we were to believe every pamphlet, brochure and email sent to prospective students, all students will attend the safest, most beautiful, academically challenging and fun school on the planet, regardless of what school it is :). We know from personal experience that that isn’t true, but how does a prospective student find out what the truth is?

To get students that information, we collect, compile, analyze and disseminate reviews of public and private universities, colleges and trade schools. We send them out uncensored because a half truth is still a lie.


You can view comments from students about some very important factors such as location, social life…

It has a really interesting survey about whether students want to return to the university. One of the factors which attract me most is the “individual value


And people are really sincerely sharing their antipathy and enjoyment.

However, I have to say the website is kind of messy. And please be calm and analytical towards those negative reviews. Some are true, some are just…


4th: Unigo


College is not one-size-fits-all. Everybody’s different. We’re here to help you find the right school for you, and figure out how to pay for it.


Compared with StudentsReview, the design is simple and the information is comprehensive and well-organized. You quickly get an overall understanding of university’s life, academic, and culture.

I love the little pictures and a section that you can ask enrolled students!



5th: Nichear-160229674-1

Our rankings strive to reflect the entire college experience, from freshman year to life after college. We also believe that each college is so much more than just one ranking number. That’s why we have in-depth profiles on each college and also assess colleges across a number of factors to produce annual graded Report Cards for each school.


The one I recommend most!

The website gives much more and detailed grading sections. At each section, you can also get some tips about school life. For example, at the Guys&Girls section, after giving general information, it also gives advice where to find those cute ones! At the dining section, it also recommends best dining halls!


Most importantly, the Niche has its own ranking system which gives 7.5% on student experience! Besides academics and tuitions, it also focuses more on factors which students care most, such as safety and diversity.


I just feel like that it is one which really wants to help us find a college with the best experience and living quality.


To be Continued

Any opinions on my post?  What is your major and your college experience? Tell me something~


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