Some websites to help you find the right college – Part 1

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I still remember two years ago when applying for college, I was so stressed to find a perfect college to me.

I was attracted to private ones but also to public ones, East coast but also West coast. What’s more, a lot of factors such as party life, music scene, food, and population all have such a huge impact on me that I searched everything online I could, weighed cons and pros, and finally picked one.

The decision is hard. A choice might change your entire life.

Because It did on me. 

After 18 years staying in my hometown, I wanted to change.

It’s not because my city is underdeveloped. It actually expands rapidly. with skyscrapers built one by one,  with an influx of foreigners and out-of-province workers for new opportunities, with improvements in education, technology, and teconomy at every second.

But I do not want to stay in just one city.

I do not want to attend a local college, get a decent job and get married.

I want to see a broader world. I want to find the meaning of myself. 

And every single day I do not regret my decision to study abroad.

So please let me share with you some websites I used two years ago to learn more about different types of universities.

I really hope anyone in need can find something insightful, no matter high-school students, post-graduates, or workers to enrich themselves.



Since 1983, U.S. News has been providing education rankings and helping parents and students find the perfect school. No matter what level of education you are interested in, we can help.

——U.S. News

If you do not know this website, you might not be ready for college (just kidding).

USNews have a lot of college rankings. Best Colleges – National, Liberal arts, Regional; Best undergraduate and graduate programs – Engineering, Education, Business

Just to be clear, the global ranking focuses more on one university’s research achievement and Reputation, while the National University and liberal Arts rankings focus more on one’s alumni endowment and faculty-to-student ratio.screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-11-01-39-pm




We selected these colleges primarily based on our high opinion of their academics. We monitor colleges continuously and annually collect data on more than 2,000 schools. Each year we also visit scores of schools, and meet with or talk to hundreds of college administrators. We pay close attention to feedback we get about colleges from students, parents, educators and our own staff at Princeton Review locations across the country.


Compared with U.S.News, this one gives more options based on students’ interest. If you like parties, you can find colleges whose students drink beer the most; if you like exercising, you can find those with the best equipment. Convenience to downtown, best dormitory, best dinning hall, best theater, best radio station, even lots of milk….

Customize and find your favorite!


To be Continued

How did you choose your college? What’s is your major? Share me something! I really want to hear some great insights from you:)


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