I found this inspiring quote after reading an article talking about the introspectiveness of Meghan Markle, who was engaged with Prince Harry on November 27.

Hope this quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of The Great Gatsby, could inspire your Friday:)


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#Thanksgiving in New York Day4

The last full day in New York, we first traveled to the Liberty Island. What drives people to America, to see the Statue of Liberty? “For someone, it’s about fame…. for someone, is privilege….” listening to the Audio guide about the history how French architects built it to mock Napoleon III, how Puerizer advocated people to…

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#Thanksgiving in New York Day3

    Jasmine, a journalism major inspired by its Pulitzer School of Journalism, dragged me to visit her dream Columbia University. So we came. I always heard its heritage far away from China. Its overall undergraduate ranking, its education college, its theatre department, and its uptown location in New York, all drew me into this place.…

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#Thanksgiving in New York Day2

There is only thing that you cannot miss in New York during Thanksgiving: Macy’s Thanksgiving parade Got up a little bit late, we arrived at the 6th Avenue near Times Square and tried to enjoy the parade, but large crowds of people/tourists blocked most of views Ballons, celebrities, decorated floats, drum crops….. The funniest is a guy wearing…

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#Thanksgiving in New York Day1

Leaving from Austin to Newark, I found an article talking about how amazing Austin is. The fusion of the “Live Music Capital of the World” and Silicon Gulch seems to have super charged Austin, helping turn a center-of-the-country government town into a cutting-edge, digitally-savvy metropolis. It talks about Austin’s live music scenes, technology start-ups, UT…

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